Roll Call ~ July 2017

Roll Call Pic

Hi Guys, here is my latest report on the what I am doing and some hobby news. For the most part in July, I have been working a lot. And in between that I put a softball team together for my union softball tournament. But I have a few previews on some new products that will be available in the near future. 

The Latest News 

Here are some of the pictures of Expeditionary Force new Napoleonic figures. I think we will see these by the end of the year. The details look great, they are coming out with Infantry and Cavalry so far. Artillery should be next. So far I notice French, English, Prussian and maybe Austrian. There are more pictures on their website. 


Next is some news from LOD Enterprises  and their “War at Troy” line. They will have some new character figures and a Trojan horse! Here are a few pictures, for more information check out the link above. I like Ken Clark’s company, he is going in the right direction. The War at Troy series makes a nice playset when you add all the different figures sets, the Walls of Troy and other accessories. Get it now, before it is gone.  

The Trojan horse was sculpted by Jim Clouse, “Here’s the original sculpt I did for LOD Enterprises. The horse is 15″ long X 15″ tall. It’s at the mold maker now. Wooden Horse of Troy will be available at the Chicago Show.”

Jim has helped Ron Barzso with his playsets over the years, it is nice to see him working with Ken now too. 



BMC Toys is producing some of their old playsets, with some updated things like stickers, new box art.  These new sets should be available in September.


Besides the toy soldiers, I do collect different things like books and other toys. Most of the things that I collect is about history. But I do like Fantasy things too, like “Warhammer”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones” and other things. I have been playing  Total War Warhammer and the second part of there series should be coming out September 28th. I like the historical titles from Total War, and waited about a year later after Warhammer came out to play. It is one of their best games so far, and it keeps getting better. The Norsca DLC just came out a few days ago, and it it great. If you like strategy games, check them out.




Shield Wall1



Well that’s it for now, I hope to have some more things posted soon about what I am doing. I have been gathering some vintage & new plastic World War II Japanese figures lately, from different companies. I will try to get those up in my next update.

Oh, I forgot to say. We won the Softball tournament 🙂


Roll Call ~ June 2017

Roll Call Pic.jpg

Thanks for visiting again. This is my blog post for the month of June and I know it is July, lol. I am going to call the month report “Roll Call’. It has been busy for me this month, not really that much with the hobby but with life and work. Anyway lets begin. I did find a few interesting items and the first I found yesterday. 


The Find






Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to Leesport, PA to shop at a flea market. I didn’t get anything there. I saw a few bags of toy soldiers and other toys, but nothing I wanted or no good deals that I couldn’t pass up. I have become more select in things I buy. I have enough “stuff” around the house. Anyway, on the way home we saw a garage sale. There I picked up this guy. I think it is a Elastolin American War of Independence officer or maybe George Washington figure or it could be Frederick The Great? I could not pass up this figure for a dollar 🙂



I came across these figures on the internet the last month and liked the way the looked. They are Atlantic Alpini Toy Soldiers, or Alpine Troops. They are about 60mm and came in different shades of green. They also came in white. I think they were made in the 1970’s and represent modern Italian soldiers, since I don’t think they had snowmobiles during WWII. There are some pieces missing or parts that came from another set. There is a cannon that I got with these figures that is for the Americans. I will write something about that one day when I find a few more things to add to it.

They remind my of the old James Bond movies, where he would be skiing down the slopes avoiding soldiers or bad guys trying to kill him. I spent around $40.00 on these. I will look for set with the box one day.


Schylling Robin Hood

I found this set a few months for under $4.00. It is made by Schylling and is about 1/30 in scale. I never saw this set before and have not found to much information about them. I will use the two robin hood figures for my medieval collection, which is now in 2 parts. One is 1/35 in scale or the “small” 1/32 figures. Like Airfix, Marx, Italeri, Accurate and some other brands. The other part is mainly Conte and some other brands that have figures in 1/30 scale.


Old Print

And lastly for this report is an old Currier & Ives print that I found. I will put this in a frame. It’s an original and in a rough shape. But I like it this way. For a dollar you can’t go wrong either.


The Latest News

Here are some things that have come out since my last report. You might have seen some of these around the net.

Here are some figures made by “No Name”. They are copies or clones of metal figures. I think they are made in the Russian Federation and can be found on eBay. They say they are 60mm in size. I am going to get a couple sets and I hope they go well with Conte. I think they will, they might be little taller. I will use some as Saxons and most as Vikings. I will cut off any horns and make the double axe look more as a Dane axe. For under $20, I really can’t complain. 


Talking about Russia, here are some new sets being made by Chintoys and they look Great. You can find these on the internet between $20 and $30. They are really nice and great for anybody that loves history. Some of these can be used for some Mexican officers for the Alamo. One day, I hope they make a set for the American Civil War or the American Revolution. Any period really would be nice if the keep to these standards.



The Workshop

I really have not done too much the last couple of weekends, life gets in the way at times. And for me that is much of the time, always something to do. But the figures that have been working on are coming along. Here are some figures that I am painting as Saxons and Vikings. The first is by Conte, the other 3 are by Pvblivs.


Shield Wall1

Shield Wall Smaller_resize

Well that’s all for this month, I will continue working on a few things and take some pictures of those no name Vikings when I get them by the end of this month or so. That’s one of the problems from ordering from overseas, the wait. Thanks for reading ( :

Toy Soldier Preview ~ W. Britain Wrath of The Northmen Summer 2017

Greetings everyone, it is almost summer time and soon W. Britain will be releasing new figures. Right now I am only collecting figures from the “Wrath of the Northmen” line of figures. I wish I could add some of the other lines to my collection, but due my budget I can only stick to one at this time. Anyway, I would like to share some information that I have gathered through different sources about the new figures that will be released soon. I can’t wait to add these figures to my collection and to see what else is going to come in the range down the line. Their figures keep getting better with each new batch released. So far the Saxons are my favorite, but it these new Vikings are making it harder to choose. W. Britain Wrath of the Northmen


50073C – Wrath of the Northmen – Acwellen, Saxon Warlord. 2017 W. Britain Collectors Club Figure. This figure is available now, if your a club member.


62123 – “Recene” Saxon Archer No.1 Arrow Nocked, 62128 – “Osfirth” Saxon Archer No.2 Arrow Loosed, and 62129 – “Scotend” Saxon Archor No.3 Arrow Loosed, 62130 – “Kenway” Saxon Advancing with Sword. These figures should be available over the next few months.



62126 – “Brimir” Viking Attacker – Academy Games Exclusive and 62127 – “Werian” Saxon Defender – Academy Games Exclusive. You can buy these figures when you pre-order 878 Vikings – Invasions of England from Academy Games.


These two figures are so nice, that I ordered the 878 Vikings board game just to get them.


Shield Wall Smaller_resize

This picture of a Viking holding the Raven Banner just came out today on their facebook page, it is supposed to be available in the summer too.

Wrath of The Northmen.jpg

I am curious to see if any scenic pieces will be released this year for this theme. I would like to see some new cottages and maybe some villagers. Well that is a wrap for now, I am gathering some more things for the next installment for my monthly report.

WTF? New finds, The Workshop, News on Barzso, Pvblivs, and W. Britain for May 2017

Hi everyone, this month I am starting something new and hope to do this every month. It’s my WTF, lol. This new feature will focus on any news, new things I found or updates on projects that I am working on. 

The Find

Here are some of the things I found on eBay and a few different places that I went to like garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and some antique stores.

Sheet Music

I also collect old sheet music, mainly the military themed sheet music. Here is an old E.T. Paull piece that I got for $5.

Here is some metal painted medieval figures that I got on ebay for about $50. I think they are from Russia. They are painted really nice and go well with my Conte and W. Britain medieval figures.

Here are some Britain Robin Hood figures that I picked up for about $15.

Here is a lot of old toy soldiers that I got for about $10, most of it broken parts or figures that are missing something. 


The Workshop


From The Workshop, here are some things that I am working on. I had some time off and started painting again, some Conte and Pvblivs figures. I am going to send most of the summer painting figures and not picking up too many things. Also I am going to start crafting some new items, I just got to think of what I want to make for both the miniatures and Playmobil. I still have a cottage to finish, some vikings ships that need to be customized for the miniatures and Playmobil. Ugh……..


I trying a new way to paint my figures, so far so good. I primed the figures black, and then started the flesh areas. Next the uniforms or clothing. I always try something different to see if I can do better with my painting. I hope to have this guys finish by the end of June. I am working with 4 base colors for the clothing with this batch. I am trying new ways to speed up the process, so far I spent a couple hours painting these over different days.

The Latest News

Here is some news this month about the hobby. What is going on with Barzso?? I noticed this other day on the Barzso website.


There have been rumors about Barzso Playsets shutting down the past couple of years. I still hope they stay around, in some form. It’s a sad day, we shall see….


Here are some new figures from Pvblivs, they go for around $99 for 12 figures. “The Battle of Kulikovo 1380 ” (Russian Knights vs. Golden Horde) 1\32 scale. They are really nice, but I will skip this batch. It is just to much money, and it is not a die hard piece that I need. 



Here are some of the latest figures from the Wrath of the Northmen series from W. Britain. I will be getting these figures for my collection. I have most of the Saxons and some of the Vikings from this series. I will stick to this line of paint metal figures. For the price and the way they look, they are my favorite. One day I will do a post on this series.

Shield Wall1


Well that is it for now, I wrap it up with this picture of a shieldwall. One day I will make a custom figure or more likely some type of Franken-figure of different parts of figures to make a new one.

In other news, I will have a few pictures of Replicants Saxons and there new Comanches. Plus some pictures of some old Atlantic figures that I had picked up lately.

And whatever I find in my basement, lol. The other day I started re-organizing my “stuff”, I am going through things and trying to make some room for new shelves so I have everything organized. I started finding things that I forgot I had or every purchased, lol. Some things I will get rid of, since I had to start downsizing a little. Anyway, I am starting to babble. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Toy Soldier Review ~ Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

Well I finally got to opening and setting up a little display with the New Barzso building, The Duke’s Stronghold. Let me say, I was a little surprised on how big this tower is. Also I should have know, since it came in two boxes. And as always, this item was packed really well and arrived undamaged. Plus as a nice touch, a personal message on thanking me on the purchase. I never had a problem ordering from Barzso Playsets. Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

This stronghold as pictured above measures about 32 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You can purchase this set as pictured above or in parts, like the Stronghold tower, small tower or the base. 

One day, I will include this tower in mega display that I am going to create. But that will be many years from now, when I retire and move. Right now I am gathering pieces and sets to add. But between the painting and learning how to build other terrain pieces, It will take me time to finish. 

I am glad that Barzso made this set, it is a great stand alone piece or it can be incorporated into their Castle to expand that set.

This tower comes alive when you add some figures to it. Here are some of my Conte, Barzso, Replicants and other figures.


Toy Soldier Review ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

Here is an update to this post as of 05/13/2017, I took a few pictures with the Barzso Duke’s Stronghold.

Early Slavs3

Hello again, a couple of weeks ago I got my Early Slav warriors made by Engineer Basevich. The detail in these figures is really nice and they go well with other brands that I collect. 


The box art is great and there are plenty of different poses. I am going to use these figures as Vikings or Saxons.

Almost half of the figures can be used as villagers, which are hard to come by for a medieval collector. Plus with this set you have a woman in full armor, ready to kick arse. 

Here are a few pictures of the Slavic warriors with a Conte Saxon and some Pvblivs Saxons figures. They are the right scale and mix well with both brands.

Here are some more pictures of mainly Conte Viking figures and the E B Slavs. The last picture is with a Barzso cottage.

All in all, I am very happy with the figures. I wish they were cheaper, as of now they are at collector prices. But if your a die hard collector like me, you need at least on set of these figures for your medieval collection. 

I will have another post up this weekend, I am going to start a new monthly blog post on things that I have collected or what I am working on. I am going to slow down on collecting for a while and focus on creating, painting and reorganizing my collections of Toy Soldiers and Playmobil(yes I have not forgotten those guys). I just started painting a bunch of Vikings, I am going to have a tutorial on that down the line too. Thanks for reading, take care for now. 

Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2017 Review

Yesterday, I took a trip to Gettysburg. The weather was nice, plenty of history all around and I spent the day surrounded by thousands of Toy Soldiers ( :

I try to visit Gettysburg every year, me my girlfriend love the town. With the little stores & shops and of course the Battlefield. It is a Great place to go. I try to make it for the Toy Soldier Show when I can, it is a win win for most Toy Soldier fans. Most collectors that I know are History buffs, and the collection of Toy Soldiers is an extension of that.  The things that I collect are mainly because I have some interest in that historical period or certain war. And for the most part that would be the Dark Ages, French & Indian War or Seven Years War, Native American Indians, American Civil War and some World War II. Anyway, back to the show. It was a nice mix of Vintage and Modern figures, both plastic and painted metal. 

Here are some of the goodies that I got yesterday. Most of these I got from the Marxman.

Yesterday was a good day for me, I found a few things that I had been looking for the past year. I do most of my shopping online these days, but it is great to go to the shows. What is really cool too, is there is always something new or some things that I never saw before. Also, it is nice to go through the boxes of plastic figures. You can choose what you want this way, instead of buying unwanted figures to get the poses you need. I spent half of the day just talking to different people, there was a good vibe at the show.  

The Marxman

The Gettysburg show is promoted by John Stengel Jr and he was there with his company “The Marxman”. He had plenty of plastic figures, vintage, recast and some new products. He also is making his own brand of limited run figures and they keep getting better with each edition. He has some plans to release some sets by the end of this year, more on that as time goes by. They are a family run business, Great people to deal with. If you looking for something, send them an email. You can reach The Marxman at

Volk Designs

Michael Luteran from Volk Designs is an interesting guy with some very nice handcafted pieces. If you need something custom made, he is more willing to try to fill your need. He has no website at this time, but can be reached by email at


Minutemen Toy Soldiers

I picked up some W Britain figures that I had ordered from Minutemen Toy Soldiers. George is a nice guy, his displays are always something to see too. I get most of my painted metal sets from George, he easy to deal with. He had plenty of painted metal sets and some vintage plastic too at the show.  

Army Group Center Wargaming

Gary Green had a lot of plastic figures too, I picked up a Weston Mexican Peasants in 1/32 scale from him. He was very friendly, and very helpful too. They specialize in the 1/72 scale, 1/32 scale plastic toy soldiers, terrain and accessories. He had a huge selection of figures, and you can go to his website to see more Army Group Center Wargaming.

Crown Military Miniatures

Here is another dealer that I have dealt with in the past, plenty of painted metal figures. You can see more at their website, Crown Military Miniatures.

Rick Eber’s Marx Playsets

When it comes to vintage Marx playsets, Rick sure has plenty of them. If your into Vintage plastic toy soldiers, you have to check this guy out. You can see more at his website, Rick Eber’s Marx Playsets.

All in all, I had a good time at the show. The Stengels are very nice people, me and my girlfriend had a good time talking to them. Thanks again, we will be back next year. Here are a few more random pictures from different dealers, thanks everyone for reading.


Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2017

Gettysburg Toy Soldier

Well it is that time again to return to Gettysburg. I try to get to Gettysburg at least once a year, it’s about an hour & a half from my home. And when I am able to, I will get down there when they have the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show. This year the show is on Sunday, April 23rd at the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center. I have gone to the show over the last 10 years. Last year I found a Conte Playset that I was looking for. It is always a good time, go to show and then look around the Battlefield or go shopping in the many little shops in Gettysburg. 


I received my post card reminding me about the show from John Stengel Jr. It was a Great loss when John Stengel passed last year. He kept me involved in the bobby, and must have kept a bunch of people involved over the years. 


Gettysburg Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier Review ~ Kreza Modellbau Vikings

The other day while searching ebay for some Viking figures, I came across these figures from Kreza Modellbau. I never heard of this company and after a search on google I found their website. The company is from Germany and sells many different figures. The site sells mainly Medieval figures, I guess that about 75mm? They have a Elastolin section of figures and section of Kreza figures. So after a looking through there site, I came across what I was looking for. The Viking oarsmen, not to many companies made viking figures to use as rowers. You would think there would be more figures made to go with Viking ships, but that is a whole post on its own.

Even though I collect figures about 1/30 in scale, I figured that these Kreza figures would be close enough. So after a contacted them by email and ordering 8 figures, they arrived safely. I ordered 4 different poses, 2 of each pose either rowing from the left or right. The ironic part of this story is, the day after I had ordered these figures I found some resin Conte oarsmen for auction on eBay. Here is a comparison of 2 Conte oarsmen, with the Kreza figure in the middle. I have a ship that I am working on, it is like the Conte Viking ship that is made out of wood. I am going to add some of my Kreza figures with the Conte figures. The way I think, is you would have your biggest men as rowers. So here are a few that are a little bigger than a normal man. Plus maybe in the future I can use some of these figures for customizing. Most of the figures are in resin or metal, the resin figures that I got, where around $20.00 a piece. Thanks for reading.

You can go here to find the oarsmen Elite Wikinger. They are very helpful and easily to deal with.