Toy Soldiers Preview ~ Barzso Stronghold Tower

Here are some pictures of the new Medieval Tower that Barzso Playsets is coming out this year. I think it will be called the “Duke’s Stronghold”, it reminds me of Conte’s Warlord Tower that was made years ago. I think it will be released at the toy show in Chicago later at the end of the month. I wish he would come out with some more medieval figures to go with this tower, maybe in the future? This tower is great for a stand alone piece or it can be part of his other medieval castles. So if you missed out on the Conte Warlord Tower ); or don’t want to spend an arm & leg for one, then this tower is for you. I hope Ron sells a ton of these, they will look great with any painted metal or plastic medieval figures. So get one fast, it is bound to sell out quickly….




The Tower



Rocky Base


Here it is shown with the Nottingham Castle


And lastly the Tower & Rocky Base standing alone(with a small tower on top).

I think the Tower is going to cost around $179.00, the rock base around $60.00. The little tower on the the top is $20.00, and a connector wall(not pictured) is going to be around $30.00. Prices could be different, but this is what I have read on one of the forums. The connector wall will allow you to include the tower to be part of the castle. I am going to get one right away 🙂

Barzso Playsets