Roll Call ~ July 2017

Roll Call Pic

Hi Guys, here is my latest report on the what I am doing and some hobby news. For the most part in July, I have been working a lot. And in between that I put a softball team together for my union softball tournament. But I have a few previews on some new products that will be available in the near future. 

The Latest News 

Here are some of the pictures of Expeditionary Force new Napoleonic figures. I think we will see these by the end of the year. The details look great, they are coming out with Infantry and Cavalry so far. Artillery should be next. So far I notice French, English, Prussian and maybe Austrian. There are more pictures on their website. 


Next is some news from LOD Enterprises  and their “War at Troy” line. They will have some new character figures and a Trojan horse! Here are a few pictures, for more information check out the link above. I like Ken Clark’s company, he is going in the right direction. The War at Troy series makes a nice playset when you add all the different figures sets, the Walls of Troy and other accessories. Get it now, before it is gone.  

The Trojan horse was sculpted by Jim Clouse, “Here’s the original sculpt I did for LOD Enterprises. The horse is 15″ long X 15″ tall. It’s at the mold maker now. Wooden Horse of Troy will be available at the Chicago Show.”

Jim has helped Ron Barzso with his playsets over the years, it is nice to see him working with Ken now too. 



BMC Toys is producing some of their old playsets, with some updated things like stickers, new box art.  These new sets should be available in September.


Besides the toy soldiers, I do collect different things like books and other toys. Most of the things that I collect is about history. But I do like Fantasy things too, like “Warhammer”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones” and other things. I have been playing  Total War Warhammer and the second part of there series should be coming out September 28th. I like the historical titles from Total War, and waited about a year later after Warhammer came out to play. It is one of their best games so far, and it keeps getting better. The Norsca DLC just came out a few days ago, and it it great. If you like strategy games, check them out.




Shield Wall1



Well that’s it for now, I hope to have some more things posted soon about what I am doing. I have been gathering some vintage & new plastic World War II Japanese figures lately, from different companies. I will try to get those up in my next update.

Oh, I forgot to say. We won the Softball tournament 🙂