The Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2020


Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2020

Once a year usually at the end of April or the beginning of May is the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show. For the year of 2020 the show takes place on Sunday April 19th. Show hours are 10am to 3pm. Located in the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center, 2634 Emmittsburg Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325. (717) 334-8121.


Admission for Adults is $7.00. Children under 12 is Free when accompanied by an Adult.

show4The show is now promoted by The Midwest Toy Soldier Group: Steve Connell, Rod Chapman and Rick Keller.






I try to attend the show every year and I usually do a review of the show. Here are some of those reviews.

Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2019 Review

Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2018 Review

Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2017 Review


6 thoughts on “The Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2020

    • The last time I talked to him he said they should be ready be the Gettysburg show. Keep you fingers crossed. I hope to be able to get some of his medieval sets that he had planned to finish. I’ll talk to him in a couple of weeks when I see him at the Midwest show.


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