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Welcome to Warhorse Miniatures. I created this page in 2014 for collectors of Playmobil and then it expanded to Toy Soldiers. Here you can get the latest news on the hobby of toy soldiers and some news about Playmobil too. The site keeps expanding into new areas. Thank you for your support and spending your time here. It is now 2023, I hope to be able to do more posts this year than last year.




Who am I? I’m a collector of toys, books, prints, and other items that have a historical nature to them since the 1980’s. I live in state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. I like to paint & customize Playmobil & miniatures. In 2021, I started designing my own historical figures and using a liquid resin 3d printer to make them.

Some of my favorite subjects are the Dark ages, early American colonial history, wild west, 16th Century Japan and Age of Pirates. Plus, other topics. My goal of this WordPress page is review products and to promote companies and the Toy Shows. My next step is to begin sculpting miniatures or terrain pieces after I retire in a few years. Also now promoting my own brand of 3D printed miniatures. If you need to reach me, my email is pictured below. Please use the subject Warhorse Miniatures. If you want me to do an article on you, send me a message. Thanks for reading, Mike.



Wer bin ich? Ich bin ein Sammler von Spielzeug, Büchern, Drucken und anderen Gegenständen, die ein historisches Thema haben. Ich lebe in Pennsylvania in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Ich sammle Spielzeuge und Gegenstände, die mit der Militärgeschichte verwandt sind. Ich sammle Spielzeug seit den 1980er Jahren. Ich bemale auch Playmobil und Toy Soldiers. Die Hauptthemen von Playmobil, die ich habe, sind Wikinger, Ritter, Western, Piraten und Römer. Mein Ziel dieser WordPress-Seite ist es, einige meiner benutzerdefinierten Arbeiten zu zeigen, neue oder alte Artikel zu sehen oder zu überprüfen. Ich versuche auch, Toy Soldier-Unternehmen und die Toy Soldier Shows zu fördern. Mein nächster Schritt ist es, Miniaturen oder Terrainstücke zu modellieren. Ich habe im Laufe der Jahre verschiedene Websites gehabt. Ich versuche herauszufinden, was ich mit meiner letzten Website machen werde, der Link ist unten. Wenn Sie mich erreichen möchten, ist meine E-Mail unten abgebildet. Bitte benutzen Sie das Thema Warhorse Miniaturen. Wenn Sie möchten, dass ich einen Artikel über Sie mache, senden Sie mir eine Nachricht. Danke fürs Lesen, Mike.


Qui suis je? Je suis un collectionneur de jouets, livres, gravures et autres objets qui ont un thème historique pour eux. Je vis dans l’état de Pennsylvanie aux États-Unis d’Amérique. Je collectionne des jouets et des objets qui ont tendance à être liés à l’histoire militaire. Je collectionne Toy depuis les années 1980. Je peins et personnalise aussi bien Playmobil que Toy Soldiers. Les principaux thèmes de Playmobil que j’ai sont Vikings, Chevaliers, Western, Pirates et Romains. Mon but de cette page wordpress est de montrer certains de mes travaux personnalisés, de prévisualiser ou de revoir de nouveaux et vieux articles. J’essaie aussi de promouvoir les entreprises Toy Soldier et les Toy Soldier Shows. Ma prochaine étape est de commencer à sculpter des miniatures ou des pièces de terrain. J’ai eu différents sites Web au cours des années. J’essaye de comprendre ce que je ferai avec mon dernier site Web, le lien est ci-dessous. Si vous avez besoin de me joindre, mon email est illustré ci-dessous. S’il vous plaît utiliser le sujet Warhorse Miniatures. Si vous voulez que je fasse un article sur vous, envoyez-moi un message. Merci d’avoir lu, Mike.


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  1. Mike,

    I just got the latest version of WordPress this week. Version 4.9 It seems to have curtailed those problems that dogged my WordPress blog for the last few months. I remember you mentioned having problems. It looks as if version 4.9 has cured them all. I can post articles, links, and use the tags / labels feature without a hitch. Hope fully it has fixed things for your site, too.



    • I have not had to many problems using Word Press. I’m glad to see everything is improved. I just realized that I didn’t have your blog page linked to mine. Going to do that now. Thanks for stopping by, going to take a look at your page now.

  2. Hi Mike
    I really like your buildings as a backdrop to your Viking figures – they really add authenticity.
    Did you purchase the buildings or make them yourself?
    Best regards

  3. Thanks for stopping by Andy. The buildings that I use are either from Barzso, Conte or Atherton Scenics. The Conte ones are hard to find and expense. I don’t know if Barzso Playsets still has anymore buildings, they have stopped production of their products. Atherton Scenics still sells on ebay. I am going to try to make a few things later this year. If they are any good, I will put up a tutorial. Take Care, Mike.

  4. Hello there warhorse miniatures.Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year.Now that you have bought the tssd range do you have any plans to add to figs to the range.would love to see you make more ww2 figs.would love to see British lnfantry birtish commandos birtish paratroopes. American paratroopers German partatroopes.more Russia lnfantry.and Russia paratroopers.

  5. uniformhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273819394693?ul_noapp=true Plastic Platoon WWII German Para II part: just a picture. I couldent find any picture of any WWII German Pars equip with the swimmvest?

  6. Hello Mike,
    I’m trying to find someone to talk to about up coming trade shows. I’m in Bossier City,Louisiana and have attended the Texas Toy Soldier Show three times, but know there is nothing around here. I’ve also started making buildings on Marx scale and have sold over a hundred within the last year. But I’m really needing quite a few questions answered. Would love to talk on phone rather than a bunch of typing. So if you could help me please let me know. Thank you for your time.

  7. Hello there warhorse miniatures hope every one there is well and in good health.Do you have any plans to sell the new vimpel German ss figs which I know are available now . I don’t no any retailers that are going to sell these .Also have be reading Your latest news letter and reading about your going to tell us soon what new figs you are make and your testing out different Materials at the moment.Got a idea that these new figs will not be ww2 figs but would be nice to see you make more ww2 to commemorate the anniversary Of the d day landings.

  8. Hi Anthony. I don’t have any plans on selling the Vimpel German figures. I was trying to get a set from them. As of now I have not heard back from them. Right now I am waiting for some sets from Prikaz and Warhansa. After that I think I am just going to be selling my own 3D printed figures. I will have a post about this in a few weeks. They are Dark age period, Anglo Saxons & Vikings. If things do work out like I think they should I might do some WWII figures. But they will be militia type figures. The problem with WWII is the Uniforms. You have to do a lot of research. All the details on buttons and such. You have a lot of collectors that want everything 100% accurate. We are testing some things out now and so far they look good. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reply and your not the only one who is waiting for info on vimpel Matt at hobby bunker is also waiting on info from him to and Steve Weston try to order from him but he chance the type of plastic that Steve originally ordered and Steve told me that was very strange .

      • Yes. That was the last thing I heard from them. They were only going to make it in one material for now. It didn’t matter to me. I replied ok and then nothing since. I think that was a few months ago.

      • Sounds like he is not going to sell many of those sets then.Needs to improve his salls technique .

      • Did vimpel charge you for the order when you put it in and then you Heard Notting.

      • Good Morning Anthony. No they didn’t charge me. I told them to send me an invoice when they were ready.

        Things do work a little different in that part of the world. They were all Go Ho and then something happened. Maybe happened on the production side?? Or they are waiting for the right material. Plus cost have gone up. I will try to find out what is going on. The other problem is the huge delays with the shipping too.

      • If you could find the time to let me know if you get the vimpel German ss sets in I would appreciate it.And thanks for the reply.If you get the vimpel sets in I will order them from you.

      • I have asked a couple of times about the Vimpel figures but all I hear is crickets. Too bad. The problem with the WWII figures again is that is not my main focus of interest. The Uniforms changed throughout the years. Too many collectors are obsessed with buttons & rifle slings and such. I’d rather do figures that such details are not that much of crisis if you make a small mistake. I see people arguing on these forums about such matters. I would probably focus on the Pacific theater where the uniforms were mixed or torn. I will ask for some collectors to help me out with this also. I would not expect anything for a while with the WWII. Right now I am just trying to get off ground, lol. When we are running at full speed by the end of next year I will look at other subjects. So you can throw some ideas at me and maybe one will stick.

        You can visit our F.B. page if you have an account. https://www.facebook.com/groups/207683494691656

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