USA Who am I? I’m a collector of toys, books, prints, and other items that have a historical theme to them. I live in state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. I collect toys and items which tend to be related with Military History. I have been collecting Toy since the 1980’s. I also paint and customize both Playmobil and Toy Soldiers. The main themes of Playmobil that I have are Vikings, Knights, Western, Pirates and Romans. My goal of this wordpress page  is to show some of my custom work, preview or review new & old items. I also am trying to promote Toy Soldier companies and the Toy Soldier Shows. My next step is to begin sculpting miniatures or terrain pieces. I have had different websites over the years.  I am trying to figure what I will do with my last website, the link is below. If you need to reach me, my email is pictured below. Please use the subject Warhorse Miniatures. If you want me to do an article on you, send me a message. Thanks for reading, Mike.



Germany Hallo, mein Name ist Mike und ich lebe in Pennsylvania in den USA. Ich sammle Spielzeug und Gegenstände, die vor allem müssen mit Militärgeschichte zu tun. Es könnte Playmobil, Toy Soldiers oder alte Bücher sein. Ich habe Malerei Toy Soldiers seit über 20 Jahren und begann Customizing Playmobil-Figuren in den letzten 2 Jahren. Die Hauptthemen, die ich mit Playmobil sammelt worden sind Ritter, Wikinger, Western, Piraten und die römisch-Thema. Ich werde dieses WordPress-Seite mit meinen anderen Website verwenden, ist der Link unten. Danke fürs Lesen, Mike.

France Salut, mon nom est Mike et je vis en Pennsylvanie aux Etats-Unis. Je collectionne les jouets et les articles qui ont surtout à voir avec l’histoire militaire. Il pourrait être Playmobil, Toy Soldiers ou de vieux livres. Je peins Toy Soldiers plus de 20 ans et a commencé à personnaliser Playmobil chiffres des 2 dernières années. Les principaux thèmes que je collectionne avec Playmobil sont chevaliers, les Vikings, le thème romain d’Occident, Pirates et. Je vais utiliser cette page wordpress avec mon autre site, le lien est ci-dessous. Merci pour la lecture, Mike.

King for the Day ;)

King for the Day 😉


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  1. Mike,

    I just got the latest version of WordPress this week. Version 4.9 It seems to have curtailed those problems that dogged my WordPress blog for the last few months. I remember you mentioned having problems. It looks as if version 4.9 has cured them all. I can post articles, links, and use the tags / labels feature without a hitch. Hope fully it has fixed things for your site, too.



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    • I have not had to many problems using Word Press. I’m glad to see everything is improved. I just realized that I didn’t have your blog page linked to mine. Going to do that now. Thanks for stopping by, going to take a look at your page now.


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