The Latest News!! 10/03/2022 ~ Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show, Toy Soldier Review: Beleriand “The Children of Hurin” set, Warhorse Miniatures Updates and other hobby news!

Sunday October 16th is the Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show. I will be there with a bunch of the Warhorse miniatures. I will be posting some pictures of the latest sets I am working on below. I will have these at the Columbus show. I will also have the LOD/Barzso toy soldiers, some foreign and vintage plastic toy soldiers. You can check out more information about the show over here,

The Viking Raider Camp is finally finished. The set includes 9 new Viking poses, 3 tents, 3 wooden stake terrain pieces, a campfire and supplies. The cost is $200 for everything. You also have the option to get the set without the Wooden stake defense for $150. As usually the figures are about 57mm. The colors will vary from Beige to Brown.

Saxon Archers

Here is the new Saxon Archer set. The set is made up of 6 miniatures. The price of the set is $42.00.

Saxon Storage Hut Set

The Storage Hut set contains one hut and two peasants. The cart guy has two different cargo options to put inside the cart. The price of this set is $75.00.

Dead Saxons

Another new set is the Dead Saxons. This set contains 3 figures. The price on this set is $20. They could be dead drunk too…

The Raid set

Here is another set that is in production, The Raid set. It depicts Saxon peasants reacting to a Viking raid. The set includes 7 figures for the cost of $45.00.

Here are some new Vikings from Korchagin Studio. A new company from Russia. I like the way they look. I will let you know more details when they come in.

Beleriand Toy Soldiers “Childern of Hurin” set

I finally was able to get my hands on this set from Beleriand Toy Soldiers. The name of the set is “Childern of Hurin”. Based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Being a fan of Tolkien, I had to get these. The Character figures are based on the 1st age. They are about 65mm or so. I really like the details and style. Plus, the color is really nice.


In the next post I will review the Publius Franks and Moors. That is, it for now. Thank you for reading.

The Latest News!! 08/29/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Saxon Blacksmith, Viking Raider Camp, King Harold Finehair and Allentown/Lehigh Valley Toy Show.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a quick post on some updates and a toy show that I will be a vendor at on September 10th.

Saxon Blacksmith Shop
Viking Raider Camp
King Harold Finehair

Since I setup my latest 3d Printer I have been able to return to some earlier projects that I had planned to make. I spent about a month fine tuning the machine and started making a bunch of the Viking Raider miniatures. The last two weeks I was able to print some of the bigger items I had designed.

I am glad to announce that the Blacksmith Shop is now ready for production. The price for this set is $105. I will have it added to the Store page this weekend. The set includes the Shop, Forge, Blacksmith, Helper and tools & accessories.

It has been over a year since I started developing this set. I changed the Blacksmith, added some bases to the accessories, merged the spears to the weapon rack and rescaled a few things. The Shop and miniatures will be in a brown resin. The Forge and tools will be in a grey resin.

The Viking Raider Camp is almost ready now too. The tents are finished. The Supplies have been redesigned. I am designing some wooden stakes to finish the set. Plus, I am still testing the miniatures. Everything should be finished by the end of September. This set will cost $140.

Here is one of the latest miniatures that I had designed. This is Harlod Finehair, King of Norway. I will probably add him to the next set of Vikings.

On Saturday September 10th I will be a vendor at the Allentown Lehigh Valley Toy Show. It is located at the Charles Chrin Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Road in Palmer, Pa 18045. There are supposed to be 200 tables of vintage toys and collectibles. There should be a few vendors with toy soldiers. A little for everybody, Action figures, comics and games. I will be bringing my Miniatures, Star Wars figures and some comics. For more information check out this link,

That is it for now. I will have more updates next month. Thank you for reading.

The Latest News!! 08/01/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Viking Raiders Sets #1 & #2. Plus, some Warhansa news!!

This how I feel after making each set

In the last post we talked about some of the things I am working on. The Viking Raiders was one of them. This weekend I will add the first two Viking Raider sets to my online store. Each set includes 7 different figures. The size is around 57mm. Color is Sage Green. They will blend well with the Conte or W. Britain Vikings & Saxon toy soldiers. The cost for each set will be $49.00.

Viking Raider Set #1

Here are the poses that will be in Set # 1. There are different hair styles that range from the partly shaven head to the more classical look of long hair. Beards are everywhere. Plus, some of the figures are different sizes. The figure I named “Big Boy” is a Viking that would have been over 6 & 1/2 feet tall and over 300 pounds. Most of the poses show the men in a fast pace. They capture the feeling of a village being raided. Most of the warriors are lightly armored. Speed is their advantage today. They are armed with Axes and Seax knifes. Most warriors didn’t have swords at this time. But long knives, axes and spears were common.

Viking Raiders Set #2

Set #2 continues the fast pace. But about half of the poses are attacking with Dane Axes. These deadly axes had a long handle and usually a bigger axe head. They say this axe would shatter shields, split heads, cut off arms. Besides the swinging of the axe overhead there were other fighting techniques. You could clip at their legs, grapple shields away, or thrust from behind a shield wall to slash a neck. You will notice the different styles of helmets worn. From a simple cone shaped nasal helm to a more elaborate raven type.

If you are interested in getting these two sets you can send me a message at

Warhansa Landsknechts Artillery

Most of you know since the war in Ukraine there hasn’t been to many toy soldiers coming out of Russia. Plus, some of the companies have stopped or paused production. I was talking to the guys over at Warhansa. I am happy to learn they are designing new sets and are starting to get their products out again. You can check out their website,

Most of the new sets are Landsknechts related. They are also revisiting some of their older sets and working on tabletop battlefield pieces.

Starting to use the new machine for production.

I should have another post in a week or so about the Saxon “Raid” set, Saxon Dead and other updates. Plus, more pictures of each Viking Raider figure. I will start testing some of the bigger items now that I have the new machine working. Every month I will be adding something new. Check out the store page over here,

That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

The Latest News!! 07/10/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Vikings & Saxons updates!!

It’s been over a month since my last update. I have been busy working, updating my workshop and designing new things. This post will be about everything that I am doing. A lot of exciting things are coming!!


As most of you know I have been working on creating some Viking miniatures. By the end of the Month, I will release the first two Vikings sets. Then another two sets by the end of the summer. Each set will include 7 figures. About 57mm in size. I have been testing out different resin mixtures to see what looks the best and is more durable. Right now, I like the Sage Green color for the Vikings. I might go with a yellowish color too after some more testing. Anyway, let’s look at some of the different models I am testing now. Some of these poses might change a little by the time production starts.

I have said this before. But I will repeat myself. Most of the figures in the Viking Raider sets have the poses either rushing in to fight or attacking. I wanted to capture the feeling of a village being raided. The warriors would come from nowhere to butcher the peasants. You can almost hear them screaming when you take a look at them. The Vikings should blend very well with the Conte Vikings.

I created Vikings of different styles. Some have part of their head shaved. Others are more traditional with long hair and long beards. There are figures without helmets and with helmets. Most of the warriors have either hand axes or Seax knifes. Some have Dane axes.

I wanted to get as many different figures as possible. By making a small change to a model I was able to do this. Besides the warrior figures there are a few character figures that are based off of movies, television shows or art.

Click on the side of the picture above to use the slideshow.

If you thought that was a lot, we are just getting started. By the end of the summer there should be about 8 or more different sets released. We also have a lot of new Saxons being created.

Saxon Pig Farm

Here is a picture one of the latest Saxon sets I made using a brown color resin mixture. New production is now in this color for the Saxons.

Dead Saxons

There will be a small set of 3 Dead Saxons.

Saxon armed peasant prototypes.
Some modded Saxon models with one of the new Saxon Archers.

Another set of Saxon armed peasants coming in August.

Plus, a set of Saxon Archers. There will be 5 different archers.