Toy Soldier Review ~ Kreza Modellbau Vikings

The other day while searching ebay for some Viking figures, I came across these figures from Kreza Modellbau. I never heard of this company and after a search on google I found their website. The company is from Germany and sells many different figures. The site sells mainly Medieval figures, I guess that about 75mm? They have a Elastolin section of figures and section of Kreza figures. So after a looking through there site, I came across what I was looking for. The Viking oarsmen, not to many companies made viking figures to use as rowers. You would think there would be more figures made to go with Viking ships, but that is a whole post on its own.

Even though I collect figures about 1/30 in scale, I figured that these Kreza figures would be close enough. So after a contacted them by email and ordering 8 figures, they arrived safely. I ordered 4 different poses, 2 of each pose either rowing from the left or right. The ironic part of this story is, the day after I had ordered these figures I found some resin Conte oarsmen for auction on eBay. Here is a comparison of 2 Conte oarsmen, with the Kreza figure in the middle. I have a ship that I am working on, it is like the Conte Viking ship that is made out of wood. I am going to add some of my Kreza figures with the Conte figures. The way I think, is you would have your biggest men as rowers. So here are a few that are a little bigger than a normal man. Plus maybe in the future I can use some of these figures for customizing. Most of the figures are in resin or metal, the resin figures that I got, where around $20.00 a piece. Thanks for reading.

You can go here to find the oarsmen Elite Wikinger. They are very helpful and easily to deal with.