East Coast Toy Soldier Show 2018 Review

2018 East Coast Toy Soldier Show

Last Sunday I went to the 36th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show. Bill Lango had passed away earlier this year. He had been the promoter of the show for 35 years. The show seemed to be busy. A few times I thought I saw Bill, it was weird not seeing him there. There were rumors that this could be the last show, at least at the current location. We shall see what happens next year. 

ECTSS 2018

I got to the show early and was one of the first one in line to get in. This year the sky was clear and that cold. I talked to a few fellow collectors about different hobby related things for about 50 minutes while we wait for the show to start. When they opened the door there were about a 100 people behind me. I stayed for about 5 hours. One of my co-workers attended the show too. After I ran around and took care of my business, I helped him with a few things. Most of the things I found were vintage plastic western toy soldiers. At the end of the review of the show I will show some of the things that I did find.

I would say that this year the show was about 85% toy soldiers related. The other dealers had some vintage toys, history related items, books or movies, Hess trucks and some art work. There was a mixture of plastic toy soldiers and painted metal toy soldiers. When I walked in I first saw Treefrog Treasures Military Miniatures

Treefrog Treasures1

Next I saw Mike Russo. He had some Barzso sets at the current prices that you will see on eBay. I didn’t get any of these even though I was tempted. He also had some other vintage toys and many painted metal sets.


When I get to these shows I usually walk around quickly and scan the tables. If I see something that interests me or something that I am looking for I will stop. After I do my walk thru I start again and see if I missed something. Here a few random pictures below. There were a bunch of boxes to go through that had either plastic or painted metal figures.

Another dealer that I saw was George’s Toy Chest. He had some vintage painted metal and plastic figures.


Next I saw Scott Schleh’s table. He had some nice painted figures and custom display pieces. Scott does not have a website but he can be reached by email. Some of his pieces are amazing. This is what is great about going to the shows. There are small dealers or collectors that just sell their products at the shows. You can see some great things first hand. 


Look at the picture below for his contact information if you are interested in anything he has.


Next I saw Crown Military Miniatures. They sell mainly painted metal figures. 

Arley L. Pett Antiques was another dealer of old painted metal figures.

Doug Dearth was at the show with his amazing artwork. He also does commissions. You can see more at his website DearthCo

Francis Turner who used to run the Marx Museum was at the show too. He had loose figures, bagged sets of figures and boxed playsets.

There was Hess Truck Collectors table again with plenty of Hess trucks and information.

Some of the vendors were at different locations from past shows. I think there were less vendors too. Here are some more pictures of various tables.

Rick Eber of Marx Playsets was at the show also. As usual he had plenty of Marx Playsets and figures. He even had some Marx figures in original bags. It is amazing how he finds all of these sets and figures in excellent condition.


Next I met Steven & Shelby from the Armchair Emperor. They offer a painting service for toy soldiers and 28mm Warhammer figures. They also are developing a war game for historical 54mm miniatures. They were real friendly. Check out the website for more information.

John Stengel Jr the Marx-Man was at the show too. He had plenty of plastic toy soldiers. I got a few Barzso figures and some other things. If everything goes right he will have his World War II German Paratroops next spring. He said he should also have the marching American Civil War figures too. John produces figures because of the passion he has for the hobby. He has many other responsibilities and life tends to get in the way with many of his projects. His figures are a limited run  production and you will have to find him at one of the shows he attends if your interested in his work. 

Paul Stadinger of Stad’s Stuff was at the show too. It’s always nice to see him. We talked about the show and other hobby related topics.

Paul Stadinger

Paul and his wife Laurie were at Gerry Watts table. Gerry had a bunch of vintage plastic figures. I spent some time digging through a few different boxes. He had different prices on his boxes. Some where $2 a figure, $5 a figure or $10 a figure. Gerry does not have a website but sells at the shows.


I saw George Guerriero of Minuteman Toy Soldiers. George always has great displays of the different painted metal figures that he sells. I don’t buy many painted metal figures but when I do it is from George.


The next table I saw was some of the Russian painted Military Miniatures. These are amazing and the price reflects that. For more information check out Aero Art International.


Another dealer named Josh had a bunch of vintage plastic figures and toys. He had boxes of figures at different prices also.


Here are some more pictures of the show.

There were some nice custom made toys made out of metal at table belonging to Remsons. For more information go to Remsonsec.com

Philip of Lord Tankervilles Knights was selling some Medieval themed toys. He had some castles, figures and books for sale.

The last dealer that I went to was Hobby Bunker. They always bring both vintage and current products. Both plastic and painted metal sets.

Hobby Bunker1

I saw a Barzso Conquistador playset that was going for $1,200. That was way too much for me and I think anyone else at the show. I forgot to take a picture of that but I took a few pictures of some other vintage playsets. There was a Barzso Lexington Green playset for $450 which I would have purchased if I didn’t have it already.


I was not really looking for anything in particular except for some Airfix Paratroops that were recasted from the last batch they made. Here are a few Armymen that I did get. I picked up most of these for a dollar or two. There was a 60mm Auburn Soldier, a Conte painted American Paratrooper, 45mm Marx Marine, 3 60mm Marx Academy Cadets and a 60mm Timmee Soldier. 

Aurburn Army1Aurburn Army2Aurburn Army3Conte AirborneMarx 45mm MarineMarx West Point Cadets 60mmTimmee SoldierTimmee Soldier1Timmee Soldier2

I picked up a big bag of mainly BMC Plains Indians from the Battle of Little Big Horn set for $20. There were some recast Marx Indians too. Even through the figures are not the best sculpted, I like them. Most of the figures are about the same scale as Airfix Plain Indians.

BMC Indians

Here are some of the vintage Marx figures that I found at Gerry Watts table for $2.00 each.

I picked up a few Barzso figures, some accessories and some split rail fences from the Marxman. Some were Pirates. One was of Robert Rogers.

Barzso Camp PiecesBarzso PiratesBarzso Roger RogersBarzso Roger Rogers1Barzso Split Fences

I also picked up a few Britain figures.

Britain Detail Indians

I found some Crescent Cowboys & Indians at Gerry Watts table. They were also $2.00 each. The last Cowboy is made by Jean Hoefler of Germany.

Cresent CowboysCresent Cowboys1Cresent IndiansCresent W German Cowboys

Here are some 45mm Marx Indians that I got for about $10.00. These figures have a certain charm. I have a few of them in my collection. 

Here are some Marx recast Indians that were part of the lot of BMC Indians.

At Francis Turner’s table I found a bag of Reisler Western figures. I paid $20.00 for the bag. It had Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans. I really like these figures. The poses are filled with action. These figures are 1/32 in scale. They are hard to find.

Reisler Cowboys

Reisler Cowboys1Reisler Cowboys2Reisler Cowboys3Reisler Cowboys4Reisler Cowboys5Reisler Cowboys6Reisler Cowboys7Reisler Cowboys8Reisler Cowboys9Reisler Cowboys10Reisler Cowboys11Reisler Cowboys12Reisler Cowboys13Reisler Cowboys14Reisler Cowboys15Reisler Cowboys16

Reisler Indians

Reisler Indians1Reisler Indians2Reisler Indians3Reisler Indians4Reisler Indians5Reisler Indians6Reisler Indians7Reisler Indians8Reisler Indians9Reisler Indians10Reisler Indians11Reisler Indians12Reisler Indians13Reisler Indians14Reisler Indians15Reisler Indians16Reisler Indians17Reisler Indians18

Reisler Mexicans

Reisler Mexicans1Reisler Mexicans2Reisler Mexicans3Reisler Mexicans4

Here are some other vintage figures that I picked up.

I picked up a box of the Expeditionary Force Celtic Barbarians. They look like they are about 65mm. I will have to put them together and then compare them to some other figures that I have. The details on the figures look great. I wanted to see if I could convert them to look like Vikings or Saxons. They appear to be bigger than Conte Viking figures. I will have a future post on these guys soon.

X Force CeltsX Force Celts1

Here is a figure that Paul Stadinger had commissioned for himself. He gave it to me at the show. It looks like a pioneer or western woman shooting a pistol. It is pretty cool and will fit nicely in my western collection. She looks to be about 54mm. Thanks again, Paul.

Stads Frontier Woman

I hope they continue to have this show. There is something for everyone. I didn’t find what I was looking for. But I found things that I didn’t think would be there. That is it for now. Thanks for reading.

A Tribute To Bill Lango. The East Coast Toy Soldier Show, Sunday November 4th 2018. & Weston D-Day British Infantry Toy Soldier Review.

East Coast Show1East Coast Show

It is less than a week for one of the largest Toy Soldier shows. On Sunday November 4th in Hackensack, NJ starting 9am over hundred dealers will be met by hundreds of collectors looking for treasures. Here are few pictures below from last year. If you want you can read my review of last years show here East Coast Toy Soldier Show 2017 Review.


This show has alot of plastic figures, metal painted figures and all kinds of other toys too. There is something for everyone. Last year I was there for about 4 hours.


This will be the 36th year for the show and maybe the last one. As many of you know Bill Lango passed away this year. There has been talk that the Lango family will not continue running the show after this year. So attend if you have not been to the show in a while or never went to it. 

You can read more about the show at their website East Coast Toy Soldier Show.


Weston D Day British

I remember Bill used to publish the Toy Soldier Review. Here is a Toy Soldier Review of my own. I picked up a set of the Weston D-Day British Troops earlier this year. This set came out about 5 years ago. I have been looking for some British Infantry that would fit with my Conte figures. These guys fit the bill. They blend with the Conte British Paratroopers very well. The set has 12 figures in 6 different poses.

It looks like there are 6 poses of Infantry men with no officer. I like that there are different styles of the helmets. Some are plain, others with a cover on it and then some with camouflage. I will try to customize a few by just swapping helmets.  


These figures have a resin type feel to them, like the LOD Revolutionary figures. I am going to paint half them and hope they will look like something in the picture below.

British Infantry

My last picture shows a comparison of the Weston and Conte figures. 

Weston Conte

If your not tied up this weekend, head over to the show. That is it for now. Thank You for reading.

Wild West

Latest News!! October 13th, 2018. Plastic Platoon WWII German Paratroopers. Columbus Ohio & East Coast Toy Soldier Shows, New Vintage Sets from BMC.

PP34 German ParatroopersPP34 German Paratroopers1PP34 German Paratroopers2

Yesterday I saw on Stad’s Stuff a preview of the latest set from Plastic Platoon and on the Plastic Platoon page of FB. Finally some nice plastic World War II Fallschirmjäger or German Paratroopers. These are highly detailed museum quality figures. They will come at a premium price which does reflect the quality of the work. They should be available sometime in November or soon after. I will have to get a set of these.

PP34 German Paratroopers8aPP34 German Paratroopers8b

These figures depict “Operation Mercury” the German Invasion which started the Battle of Crete. Here is a some text from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Crete .

The Battle of Crete (German: Luftlandeschlacht um Kreta, also Unternehmen Merkur, “Operation Mercury,” GreekΜάχη της Κρήτης) was fought during the Second World War on the Greek island of Crete. It began on the morning of 20 May 1941, when Nazi Germany began an airborne invasion of Crete. Greek forces and other Allied forces, along with Cretan civilians, defended the island.[11] After one day of fighting, the Germans had suffered heavy casualties and the Allied troops were confident that they would defeat the invasion. The next day, through communication failures, Allied tactical hesitation and German offensive operations, Maleme Airfield in western Crete fell, enabling the Germans to land reinforcements and overwhelm the defensive positions on the north of the island. Allied forces withdrew to the south coast. Over half were evacuated by the British Royal Navy; the remainder surrendered or joined the Cretan resistance.

The Battle of Crete was the first occasion where Fallschirmjäger (German paratroops) were used en masse, the first mainly airborne invasion in military history, the first time the Allies made significant use of intelligence from decrypted German messages from the Enigma machine,[12][13] and the first time German troops encountered mass resistance from a civilian population.[14] Due to the number of casualties and the belief that airborne forces no longer had the advantage of surprise, Adolf Hitler became reluctant to authorise further large airborne operations, preferring instead to employ paratroopers as ground troops.[15][16] In contrast, the Allies were impressed by the potential of paratroopers and started to form airborne-assault and airfield-defence regiments.

I am glad that they made these figures. I hope that we get some World War Japanese figures in the future.


BMC announced that they are bringing back two classics. The first is the M42 “Duster” AA Vehicle from an original Payton mold. The second one is Marx World War II Russian Infantry from an original Marx mold. I like the moves that Jeff has taken the past few years in expanding BMC with using classic molds or retooling old molds.


Ohio Show

If you could not make it to the Big show in Chicago there are still a couple nice shows to go to before the end of the year. Next week on October 21st is the Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show. There should be a lot of plastic there. If it is like the Indiana show it should be great. Presented by the Midwest Toy Soldier Group

East Coast Show1East Coast Show

Yesterday I got in the mail a postcard about the East Coast Toy Soldier Show. It was titled “A Tribute to Bill Lango”. I was saddened to hear about his passing earlier this year. There is some talk on the net that this might be the last East Coast show. I hope not. I will be going to this show and will have a full report afterwards.


William Longo

 That is it for now thanks for reading.


Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2018 ~ Barzso Playsets LOD Battle of Yorktown



Greetings fellow collectors. Just in case you do not know tomorrow is the 38th annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show. This show is on my bucket list. It’s the biggest and best Toy Soldier show in the world. Most of the companies and major dealers attend the show. At the show new products are released or previews of future products are showed. Collectors from around the world will spend days trading, selling and buying.

CTSS 2018

Ken Ciak of LOD Enterprises had shared some pictures on FB and some others with me for the Battle of Yorktown Playset. I will break down the playset when I get mine in the mail in a couple of weeks.








For the latest news about the show you can head over to Stad’s Stuff. One of Paul’s latest updates tells us about Ed Borris’s latest custom figure. This year it is of Ron Barzso. He is depicted as Robin Hood. The figure looks very nice. 

Ed Borris Barzso

One other thing that I saw about LOD was the new Christmas sets.


Also from LOD was a preview of some Amazon prototypes. 

LOD Amazons

Thanks it for now. Enjoy.

Latest News! Toy Soldier News, Shows & More

Latest News

I have a report here of some new and old news on the hobby of Toys Soldiers. If you have been following my blog you know that I have been pushing for the Hat crowdfunding effort of the Seven Years Wars Austrians in 1/32 for a while now. Yesterday they announced that the project has been approved! This is great news for us plastic collectors. Not only for us collectors to this time period, but in general for us collectors of plastic in the 1/32 scale. The last few projects that Hat was trying to produce were canceled. 


There will be 3 different sets #9329 7YW Austrian Fusiliers, 
#9330 7YW Austrian Grenadiers 
and #9331 7YW Austrian Command. The is no release date as of yet. I will give a review when I finally get the sets, hopefully sometime by the end of the year. 


In other news, TSSD or Toy Soldiers of San Diego is offering their business for sale. Nick Versteeg is going to retire because of health issues. It’s a sad day for us. I hope his health returns and he can enjoy his retirement. Hobby Bunker is interested in taken over. We shall see what happens.

Ohio Show

We have two shows coming up this month. The Ohio Toy Soldier Show is on May 20th. The Texas Toy Soldier show is May 26th & 27th.


“The 12th annual Texas Toy Soldier Show is being held in downtown San Antonio, TX inside The Menger Hotel ballroom.
Dates are Saturday May 26, 2018 and Sunday May 27, 2018
Tickets are $10 and good for both days. Call Kings X Toy Soldiers at (210) 226-7000 or email sales@kingsx.com for more information.”


The LOD Enterprise Toy Soldiers American Revolution Americans and British figures are getting closer to being released. Here are some test shots of the figures. They look great, I can’t wait to set something up later this year with these guys. 

Warhansa Vikings1Warhansa Vikings2

I should be getting these Warhansa Vikings any day now. They are in 1/32 scale. I will do a review later this month.


Here are some pictures of Engineer Basevich set #23 “Nomads” or “Polovtsy, Pechenegs and Khazars”. These figures look really nice, they are the opposing set against the “Slavic Warriors” that they had done.

Chintoys CHT009Chintoys CHT015

Chintoys has two news sets that should be released later this year. They are set CHT009 Conquistadors and CHT015 Mixtecs & Zapotecs Warriors. They look nice too. Looks like it is a busy year again for plastic. Lest see what else comes out later this year. Thanks for reading.


I hope to continue this summer with some interviews, previews & reviews and projects that I am working on. Thanks again for your interest in this page. 

Latest News

MFCA 77th Annual Show 2018 Featuring John Jenkins

Here is another show coming to the Philadelphia area later this week. This is the Miniature Figure Collectors of America Show and Mart. Collector’s sculptures and painted Figures, Ordnance, Vignettes and Dioramas are judged. There is some truly amazing figures and dioramas to be seen. I went there last year as a last minute thing and was glad I did. It is has a lot of metal figures but some quality plastic dealers. I might not be able to attend, but will try. If you stop by tell George from Minutemen Toy Soldiers I said hello.

The Show and Mart will be open to collectors on Friday from noon till 5:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM, until 4:00 PM.

We will be holding our 77th Annual Show and Mart on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th, 2018 and will be returning to the Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast at 2400 Old Lincoln Highway in Trevose, PA. 


“Year after year MFCA offers everyone the opportunity to shop in the largest vendor area in the country. If you need figures, models, toy soldiers, books, paints, brushes or bases, you can be sure you’ll find them here. Come see why we are the show of choice for one-stop shopping.”


“We are pleased and honored to announce that John Jenkins, owner of John Jenkins Designs, will be attending our show and premiering his new line of American Revolutionary War subjects. John is renowned for his skill as a sculptor and painter, and his figures are prized by collectors for their quality. John has also generously donated several of his sets, to be raffled off through the course of the show. We’d like to express our thanks to John for the donation and extend him a warm welcome!”


Besides George from Minutemen Toy Soldiers there are some other quality dealers coming. Hobby Bunker, Treefrog Treasures and Rick Eber’s with all his quality vintage plastic playsets of mainly Marx. Besides these dealers that are a bunch more listed below.

Memphis Toy Soldiers LLC
Military History Shop
Birch Tree Enterprise
Studio Miniatures
Last Cavalry
Sentinel Miniatures
Michael Jones
Christopher Durham
Relic Golden Amusement, Inc.
The Little Tin Soldier
The Model Cellar
B & M Miniatures LLC
Luis Vasquez
Dearth Company
Frank Leo
Picacho Peak Collectibles
Carthage Miniatures
Kenneth R. Mick
Treefrog Treasures
Rick Eber’s Quality Play sets
Carl L. Hoegermeyer
Dan Jones
Paul Boyd Trains & Toy Soldiers
A Toy in Time
Minutemen Toy Soldiers
Keller Enterprises
Armand P. Bayardi-Model Maker
Charles O’Brien
Hobby Bunker, Inc.
Red Lancers
Hand Held Warriors
Richard DiBenedetto
Bill Neustadt
William Davis & Son, Booksellers


You can read more about the show at the MFCA site.


Gettysburg Toy Soldier 2018 Review

The show started out great but then the power went out. Because of some accident, the power in the surrounding area of the Eisenhower Hotel was shut down. After the lights went out it was like a rummage sale. Collector’s using the light on their cell phones or small flashlights start searching the different vendors wares.


I usually take a lot of pictures and then add links to their websites or give out information to contact them with supporting pictures. But I was unable to get that many pictures. So I will just write up a some summery about the show and include some pictures that I did take. 


I did say it start out good, at least for me. I went to the show looking for some World War II plastic figures. I was looking for mainly Conte American figures. I didn’t find those but I did pickup Conte WWII British Paratroopers and German Infantry. I also found some Conte Saxons, Vikings and Normans. I then got some Austin & TSSD Marines and TSSD GIs. Lastly I found some Barzso Indians and British Grenadiers.


The thing I like about the shows is that sometimes there are boxes of figures to go through. I wanted a bunch of marching poses of the American Revolution Grenadiers without buying a bunch of sets to just get those poses.

I have an update from Michael Tiemann. He had some pictures to share before the lights went out. He found a Marx firehouse from Rick Eber. 



Even though the lights went out I had a great time. That is because I don’t go to the shows to look for rare items or bargains. But to also talk to fellow collectors, vendors and the owners. In that regard it was great. I also continued to search with out the lights and found some deals. 


I talked to John Stengel Jr about what he was working on. He said that he should have the World War II German Paratroopers for the Chicago Show. And maybe the Civil War Marchers too. The medieval sets should be available next year. Those sets are of Vikings, Saxons, Normans and a catapult set. I am looking forward to seeing those sets.


It was a good mixture of vintage & new plastic and painted metal sets. Plus at this show, there are some vendors & collectors from the local area that don’t have websites to sell there items. 

Some of the vendors/collectors that I talked to were John from John’s Collectibles, Steve Connell, Doug Whalen, Calvin Plowman, and Larry Ciccorolli. These are the guys that have the sets that nobody else has.

I am going to setup a new page, just for the little guys that do so much for the hobby of toy soldiers. This page will give some information about contacting them or the shows that they might be attending. Also a little information on what they might have or type of products they have. 

Midwest Toy Soldier Show 2018 Review


About a month ago, I decided that I was going to the Midwest Toy Soldier Show. I am glad I did. The show was in Lafayette, Indiana. It is about 11 hours away from my house. Me and my girlfriend made this a weekend get a way. Besides going to the show, we visited some antique shows in Indiana and along the way.

The main reason I went was because I wanted to meet Ron Barzso and get some of his sets. I was looking for the new old stock figures that are cast in a new material. I am a big collector of Barzso Playsets and I have  purchased 6 of his playsets & 100’s of figures over the years. The good news is that I found the sets I was looking for. The bad news is Ron will soon retire.

He and Ken from LOD are releasing “Yorktown Playset”. “Battle of Yorktown, Attack on the Redoubt # 10”. This will be Ron’s last playset and it is limited to 100 sets being made. I am glad that I went to the show, I was the first to pre-order a set. They will be taking 50 pre-orders of the set and then selling the rest at the show. Also Ken is having a Great Promotion with a chance to win a “Yorktown Playset”. If you pre-order 4 of the new Revolutionary sets, you get a 5th set free and an entry into a drawing for a free Barzso Yorktown Playset to be released this fall. Sounds like a Great deal to me!!! You can read more about the promotion over here at LOD Revolutionary War Pre-Sale (Buy 4 Sets Get 1 Free)



I purchased a bunch of the new old Barzso sets, some old Airfix bagged sets and boxed sets, bagged Conte sets, Marx German Motorcycle figures and a mix of different loose figures.



The show was smaller than most of the other shows that I have been too, but it was a quality show. It was a plastic toy soldiers dream come true. There were a few small children that were amazed by all the marvels to be found. I had a great time. I spent about an hour shopping and another 3 hours talking to different people. There were a bunch of dealers that just sell at the shows. There were plenty of boxes to rumble through to search for that missing figure that you have been looking for. Loads of vintage plastic figures, plus new plastic sets being sold. 


The first dealer I saw was Rick Eber with his Vintage Marx figures and playsets. He always has plenty of vintage toys. Visit Rick’s website for more information Rick Eber’s Marx Playsets.

Todd Nace had a nice setup of vintage plastic figures, vintage painted metal figures and some playsets.



Me and my girlfriend(Carolyn) spent some time talking to Gary & Susan Wendeln. Very nice people and helpful. They had a lot of vintage plastic figures and playset too. I purchased some bagged sets of Airfix from them.


Another vendor that was there was Doug Whelen. I spent some time talking to him, he is a really nice guy. Doug is a Veteran and a retired Police Officer. Right now he is unemployed and was selling off some of his collection. Some of his offerings were Marx Ben Hur Playset, Marx Ben Hur figures, 6 inch Marx figures, CTS Alamo set, Heritage Alamo set and a Marx Zorro set. Plus some other toys. You can reach him at 276-920-2899. 


Kole Sterling was another nice guy that had vintage plastic playsets and figures for sale. 


If you are looking for Barzso figures you have to come to one of the shows that Ron attends. At the show he was selling some of the older sets for $25.00 and the new old sets for $22.00. He also had some of his foam pieces too. Loose figures were $2.00 a piece. Plus some character figures at different prices. I got Long John Silver for $10.00. I revisited his table a few times, adding  a few  more sets each time I stopped by to talk. Me and my girlfriend had a good time talking to Ron and his wife Mary Ann. 


Jim Clouse of BattleBoards USA was another person that I had looked forward to meeting and talking too. He creates the foam pieces for Barzso playsets and now LOD. Besides that, his custom made terrain pieces are great. I will have to get some for a few of the playsets that I have. His work is a piece of art to me, it’s really amazing to see.



While I am talking about amazing work, Ed Borris custom figures are Great. He takes existing figures and then through different techniques he changes the poses. Sometimes by he heats up the arms and legs to change the pose. Other times he cuts figures up and then attaches them to new bodies, heads, arms, legs or different weapons to create a new custom figure. He uses metal pins to ensure that you figure is solid. Fantastic quality in each figure. Mike Kutnick was with Ed and they had some vintage sets and figures for sale too.


Paul & Donna Amody had some highly detailed painted metal figures for sale. Truly their figures are a piece of art. You can email them at handheldwarriors@gmail.com. 

Battleguard Ready1

I was glad to meet and talk to the new owners of the New Hope Design metal casted 54mm metal kits toy soldiers. Frank & Ellen Nefzger of Battleguard Ready! had sale on the sets at the show for $15.00. These castings are really nice. I am glad that they are making the figures here in the USA now. 

Battleguard Ready! Facebook page


Bill Richardson had a nice display of vintage toys.



Besides the toys, there was some nice artwork by Doug Dearth. 

Joe Hail2

Joe Hail had some nicely painted figures for sale. He also has a painting service. If you can’t or don’t have the time to paint you own figures.


Rick Berry of Michigan Toy Soldier was there too. I didn’t get a good picture of his table. I am using one of his pictures from the show. He was selling a lot of new plastic figures like Plastic Platoon Vietnam figures and X-Force toy soldiers.




John Stengel Jr also known as the Marx-Man and owner of Action Castings had plenty of vintage plastic figures too. I picked up some loose Conte, Barzso and TSSD figures from him. I talked to him for a while about what is going on with his figures. He said that there are some delays and he should have American Civil War marching figures and WWII German paratroopers for September at the Chicago show.



Daniel McLean of Toymiester had some nice vintage plastic figures and Tin buildings. 


Robert Way of Trains and Toy Soldiers had plenty of Conte figures at great prices. He also had some exclusive display items too. I purchased 2 Conte German sets and 1 Viking Set from them. He was very helpful.  Check out their website they have plenty of items for sale.

“Trains and Toys Soldiers is a family owned and operated business in the heart of the USA.  What started as a model railroading hobby has turned into a fast growing online business specializing in model trains, toy soldiers, and die-cast collectibles.  We have also added a line of children’s wooden railway toys, model kits and tools.  Our mission is to provide our customers with quality items at a reasonable price and great customer service.”



Francis Turner of Marx Toy Connection had his vintage Marx figures and toys at the show. I got two of the German Motorcycle figures from him. He is offering a chance to “Pick” his Marx Museum.