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For me the best place to purchase Toy Soldiers is at the shows. I like to see the figures up close when making purchase that I am not familiar with. I like to see the quality or lack of. Plus size up the scale of the figures. The shows are great for finding those rare sets or hard to find items at fair prices. Some times the best guys to go to are the Toy Soldier Show Vendors. These are the guys that might be collectors that are looking to sell off their collection or have a small business. Here are a few guys that I came across over the years that are good people.

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5/28/2018 ~ 

Now that Gary is retired for making custom figures, he is looking to sell off his collection of toy soldiers. He is NOT making any new customs. But is still selling the ones he has made over the years. He is looking for Dealer or Collector to buy his whole collection. But until then he is selling what he has on eBay. You can see some of items for sale on eBay at dutkotoys. Maybe he has something that you are looking for that is not shown right now, so send him a message.


Calvin Plowman had a nice selection of some vintage and current plastic figures. Plus some Conte painted metal sets and foam buildings. Also some older metal and plastic figures. I got some Barzso and plastic figures from him at the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show. He attends the Gettysburg show, Midwest Toy Soldier Show and the other Ohio Toy Soldier Shows. You can give him a call at 412-855-6508. You can also mail him at 1332 Hancock Ave, Vandergrift, PA 15690.


Doug Whelen has a Marx Ben Hur Playset, Marx Ben Hur figures, 6 inch Marx figures, CTS Alamo set, Heritage Alamo set and a Marx Zorro set. Plus some other toys. You can reach him at 276-920-2899. I met him at the Midwest Toy Soldier Show and he also was at the Gettysburg show. He might be at the Ohio Toys Soldier shows too.


Larry Ciccarelli was at the Gettysburg show he had a mixture of plastic and metal figures. He has King & Country, Figerti and First Legion. A few years ago I got the Conte “Stamford Bridge” set from him. This year I picked up some plastic Conte sets. Larry is usually at the Gettysburg Show and East Coast Toy Soldier Show.

John Collectables1John Collectables2

John F Boyle of John’s Collectables had a nice selection of vintage plastic figures, playsets and Tin Litho buildings. He is usually at the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show and East Coast Toy Soldier Show. You can email him at


Todd Nace had a nice setup of vintage plastic figures, vintage painted metal figures and some playsets. He was at the Midwest Show.


Gary & Susan Wendeln has a lot of vintage plastic figures and playsets too. I purchased some bagged sets of Airfix from them. I met them at the Midwest Show.


Kole Sterling was another nice guy that had vintage plastic playsets and figures for sale. He was at the Midwest Show.


Ed Borris and Mike Kutnick have a selection of custom plastic figures, vintage plastic figures and playsets. I met them at the Midwest Show.


Steve Connell is part of the Midwest Toy Soldier Group. He also has a table at the shows. He attends the Midwest, Gettysburg and Ohio shows.


John Stengel Jr also known as the Marx-Man and owner of Action Castings has plenty of vintage plastic figures. You have to catch him at the shows. He is usually at the Gettysburg, Midwest and East Coast Show. He is also at some other Toy Soldier Shows.


This is just a few of the vendors that I have come across over the years. I also have links to other dealers that can be found on my favorite links page. I will update this page every once in a while. Here are some links about some of the shows below.


Midwest Toy Soldier Show

East Coast Toy Soldier Show

Chicago Toy Soldier Show

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