The Latest News!! 07/10/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Vikings & Saxons updates!!

It’s been over a month since my last update. I have been busy working, updating my workshop and designing new things. This post will be about everything that I am doing. A lot of exciting things are coming!!


As most of you know I have been working on creating some Viking miniatures. By the end of the Month, I will release the first two Vikings sets. Then another two sets by the end of the summer. Each set will include 7 figures. About 57mm in size. I have been testing out different resin mixtures to see what looks the best and is more durable. Right now, I like the Sage Green color for the Vikings. I might go with a yellowish color too after some more testing. Anyway, let’s look at some of the different models I am testing now. Some of these poses might change a little by the time production starts.

I have said this before. But I will repeat myself. Most of the figures in the Viking Raider sets have the poses either rushing in to fight or attacking. I wanted to capture the feeling of a village being raided. The warriors would come from nowhere to butcher the peasants. You can almost hear them screaming when you take a look at them. The Vikings should blend very well with the Conte Vikings.

I created Vikings of different styles. Some have part of their head shaved. Others are more traditional with long hair and long beards. There are figures without helmets and with helmets. Most of the warriors have either hand axes or Seax knifes. Some have Dane axes.

I wanted to get as many different figures as possible. By making a small change to a model I was able to do this. Besides the warrior figures there are a few character figures that are based off of movies, television shows or art.

Click on the side of the picture above to use the slideshow.

If you thought that was a lot, we are just getting started. By the end of the summer there should be about 8 or more different sets released. We also have a lot of new Saxons being created.

Saxon Pig Farm

Here is a picture one of the latest Saxon sets I made using a brown color resin mixture. New production is now in this color for the Saxons.

Dead Saxons

There will be a small set of 3 Dead Saxons.

Saxon armed peasant prototypes.
Some modded Saxon models with one of the new Saxon Archers.

Another set of Saxon armed peasants coming in August.

Plus, a set of Saxon Archers. There will be 5 different archers.

I am also working on some props to create a village.

The well is ready for production. That will also be released by the end of the summer.

The “Cart guy” was one of the first models made. I was going to add some other props to create a set. But I now decided to sell him separately. He will have a couple of accessories to fill his cart. Like some grains or chopped wood. He will be on the catalog in a few weeks also.

The last thing I will talk about today is “The Raid” set. It will include some Woman, children and some males. The poses depict how the peasants reacted to the Viking Raiders. Some are running away; others are too afraid to do anything. But there are some that will fight back. Here are some of the models almost ready for production.

Even though these models are made to be medieval figures they could also work for different eras. I will scale some of them down so they could fix in with the Barzso miniatures too.

I am going to start testing the new machine soon. I should have it fine turned in a couple of weeks. Once that is done, I will start making some of the bigger items. I will have more information as each set is released. That is it for now. Thank you for reading.