Warhorse Miniatures for Sale

We are proud to announce that the 1st set is now ready for pre-order. There are 5 figures for the Saxon Family set. The price for the set in Burnt Orange color is $40 plus shipping. The price for the bluish-grey color set for painting is $30 plus shipping. The cost of shipping with in the USA is $4.95 for one set. Sets will be released in the middle of October. If you are interested in purchasing a set you can send me a message at trailhiker262@yahoo.com. Figures are scaled to about the size as Conte medieval figures. I will then send you a invoice through PayPal.

Coming this October we will have our New 3D printed Miniatures available for sale. The first few sets will be of Anglo-Saxon Peasants & Craftsmen. Plus some houses, accessories and a Viking Raider set.

We will have a display of the current production available and some prototypes of future products at the Columbus Toy Soldier Show that is on October 17th.