The Latest News!! 05/30/2022 ~ Updates & Hobby News.

I hope everyone is safe on this Memorial Day weekend. I have some updates on what I have been doing and some other hobby related news.

French Marines Set #1
French Marines Set #2
Saxon Shield Wall Set #1
Saxon Shield Wall Set #2
Medieval Deer Hunter Set
Red Deer Set #1
Red Deer Set #2

The last few weeks I have added a bunch of sets to my store. You check all of the new sets over here, Store.

I have been able to spend more time adjusting, modifying or replacing some things with the Blacksmith shop. I had the Blacksmith replaced. He now looks more Medieval. I merged the spears to the weapon rack and added a base to it. I added a base to the tool rack and changed a few other things. I adjusted the size of a few things also. I am thinking of replacing the shop now too. In the future I will reuse some of these props for a colonial Blacksmith shop. I hope to have this finished by the end of the year.

“The Head Taker”

I just finished working on the second group of Viking Raiders. In about a month I should have the third group finished. When all is done, there should be around 20 poses or so. I will then break all the poses into a few different sets. Hopefully all of these completed before August. Most of these Raiders are in fast paced motion ready to attack or attacking. They depict a raid taken place. To reflect that most of the Vikings are lightly armored. Surprise & speed are their best weapon. They will be made in a Sage Green color.

Saxon Archers

The Saxons are getting some reinforcements now. I am testing out some new models to create an archer set. There should be 6 poses for this set. I think they should be ready in 2 or 3 weeks from now.

Saxons vs Vikings
Updated Saxon Swordman
Warhorse Logo

Besides all of that I continue to learn more, add more machines and experiment on making a better product. The store has 16 different sets available for purchase now. I am using a new grey color resin that looks a lot nicer. The Saxons are now made in a brown color. I might have a reddish-brown color soon. The Vikings will be in a Sage Green. In the future I will be able to test out some of the bigger items I have planned.

Painted by Steve Pyle

The last piece of news about Warhorse are these pictures of the Armed Saxon Peasants that collector Steve Pyle painted for me.

Plastic Platoon US Marines Support Group
Publius Moors, Battle of Poitiers.

New sets are still coming out in Russia. Unfortunately for most of us in the west they are unavailable because of the war in Ukraine.

I received some news from Ken of LOD. “The prototypes for Apollo and Poseidon are being sent this week from the factory in Hong Kong. Here is a photo of them with the existing Area and Athena in the background.”

Troop Transport

Also, from Ken. We will have these guys in red to fill up a troop transport. It is shaping up to be a 15 figure set (6 oarsmen, 6 soldiers being ferried to shore, and three other figures).”

Here is an article about brushes for you collectors that like to paint. Tell me what you think,

That wraps it up. Thanks for reading.

Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2022 Review

Pickett’s Charge

When the doors were opened for the show, it looked like Pickett’s Charge… Well at least it felt that way. The show started a half hour earlier than it was supposed to because I think a crowd had started to build up. There was a group of collectors that went straight to my table. The next few hours were spent talking to fellow collectors and selling toy soldiers. Me and Carolyn had a lot of fun. It was my most successful show so far.

I was told that it was a record crowd, the biggest ever. I have to apologize because I was so busy, I was not able to take as many pictures that I usually do and didn’t talk to everyone that I wanted to. I usually am able to walk around before the show starts and/or a few hours after into the show. Around 2pm I found some time to take some more pictures. Every time I did walk around, I came back to help someone with my products.

Paul Amody

We will start the review with Paul Amody. He had his very detailed Russian painted figures. As usual they were outstanding.

Gary from Army Group Center Wargaming had a bunch of plastic as usual. You can check out his website over here,

Atherton Scenics

John Atherton had a ton of his foam products with him. He makes some of the best terrain pieces on the market. I was also selling a few products that he had made for LOD.

Barzso Playsets

If you are a Barzso Playset collector, you missed another chance to get some good or fair deals. I would have scored if I needed any of the playsets for sale there. Most of them I already own.

Antique Toy Soldiers

I don’t collect these old type of toy soldiers. But I do appreciate their charm. These are like antiques.

Rick Eber

Rick Eber as usual had a bunch of vintage toy soldiers and playsets. I wasn’t able to take as many pictures of his stuff that I would have liked to. You can check out his website over here,

Hobby Bunker

This was the first time Hobby Bunker attended the Gettysburg Show. They have everything you need. Plastic and painted metal toy soldiers, wargaming, terrain pieces, magazines and other hobby related items. Here is their website,

Rob Hornung

Rob Hornung had his painted metal figures. To me they are like folk art. He puts a lot of hard work into his creations. Over 30 years ago I was casting toy soldiers. I would melt the hobby metal and then pour it into a mold. Then paint them. It takes skill and some time. But Rob does more than that. He sculpts them. Makes the molds. Then he will cast them and finally paint them. His work is amazing.


Next to Rob in the picture above was another vendor named Frank. I am sorry I didn’t get your last name of was able to talk more to him. This is some of his work he had for sale.

Minutemen Toy Soldiers

I have not seen George Guerriero of Minutemen Toy Soldiers in a couple of years now. But as usual he has some nice displays of the painted metal toy soldiers. He usually brings John Jenkins, First Legion, W. Britain and King & Country. Plus some other brands and plastic toy soldiers. You can check out his website over here,

Mike Martello

Mike had a lot of Britain Deetail figures.


About two years ago Matt Murphy from Hobby Bunker purchased Paragon. He just got all the sets restocked and in new colors. Check them out over here,

Paul Stadinger

It was nice to see Paul Stadinger at the show. He is an icon of our hobby. He was one the dealers that got me into collecting. His wife Laurie had passed away in early March. I was glad to be able to spend some time with him. He sat behind my table for a bit and talked with me & Carolyn. He has a lot of knowledge about vintage plastic toy soldiers. Check out his blog page over here,

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that I took.

Vintage Toys

Here was a vendor that had a nice selection of vintage toys. I am sorry, I forgot his name.

John Boyko

John had a lot of vintage toys.

Here are some more pictures of vendors with vintage toys. You never know what some of these collectors will have with them.

Warhorse Miniatures
Warhorse Miniatures Vikings & Saxons with a few Conte Vikings in tan.

This was the second show where I had my resin miniatures for sale. I am producing these from my house. Made in the U.S.A. I had with me about 10 different sets. Most of them where the 11th century Saxons. I had both of the Saxon Shield Wall sets. Plus, both of the F&I War French Marine sets. And even a show special set of Viking Raiders that were just finished a few days before the show. The raiders were from the first group of Viking figures I am designing. I am working on another two groups of Vikings. They will be finished in a couple of months. Once that is done, I will then divide them into 3 or 4 sets. I should have all of these sets ready for production by the end of the summer.

That is it for the review of the show. I hope you enjoyed it. Before we end this post, I became aware of an Historic Toy Soldier Auction that takes place on May 14th in Parkersburg, WV.

Lucas & Groves Auctioneering LLC, Saturday May 14th, 10:00AM

Two generation Collection of toy soldiers!  No absentee or online bidding!

There will be around 600 lots sold in one day, many lots consist of multiple sets! Brands include W. Britian, John Jenkins, Traditions, Star, Ducal, Marlborough, Hocker, Hariart, Steadfast, Queen & Country and many more!

Check out the auction over here at this website,

That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

The Latest News!!! 03/10/2022 ~ Midwest Toy Soldier Show, 20 February Moscow Exhibition Fair of Soldiers Sandbox and News!!

Before we start, I just wanted to mention about the world we live in. Not to get political, there are other websites for that. But just as a witness of the events around us. About two weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine. Most thought that it would be over in a few days. Now it is almost entering the third week. Reports of thousands of Ukrainians and over 10,000 Russian soldiers are dead or wounded.

Besides the obvious loss of life of both the Ukrainians and Russians. This conflict is affecting about everyone around the world. The price of oil has rising, inflation was already high enough. It looks like this year will be another year we will want to forget.

The war has affected the hobby of Toy Solider collecting already. Ukrainian companies have had to put a hold on production for now. The Russian based companies are now having their own problems because the credit card companies and banks have blocked their access. In the USA some collectors are questioning if it is worth it for them to travel to the shows because the rising cost of fuel.

Right before the war started, they had the Moscow Exhibition Fair of Soldiers show or “Sandbox” as it is translated. From what I was told the collectors and vendors had a good time. The collecting community has seen a steady growth in Russia the past five years. We have seen one or two new companies pop up every year.

The show looked nice. From what I see and was told most of the major companies were there. Plus, collectors selling both old and new toy soldiers.

Chintoys and Engineer Basevich had a bunch of their plastic sets. They were showing off their new knights.

HANOMAKA is one of the new companies that appeared last year. They are making some nice World War II sets.

Here are some pictures from the company called “Little Man” or Chelovechek.

Here is Mikhail Glikin owner of Plastic Platoon with some of his new figures.

Here are some random pictures of the show.

Here are some of the medieval sets Prikaz. I think they are starting to use a new resin like what Warhansa uses.

These are the miniatures made by Publius.

Here is another batch of random pictures from the show.

Here is set from the company called Silent Hill. From what I understand this is a group venture of Warhansa and Prikaz. Maybe someone else?

Here is another new company called Tihon Figuren.

We finish off with the company called Warhansa. Only time will tell if these shows continue. It is a shame what the effects of this wear have on everyone.

The room trading phase for the Midwest Toy Soldier Show starts in about two weeks from now. Here are some pictures from the past. The best way for me to describe it is like Halloween & Christmas wrapped into one event. It gets to the point that you have to take a break because you see so much. Almost like the feeling of being “Snow Blind”. The best way to start is to write down all the room #’s and cross them out or put a check next to it once you visit. Each day is a little different. Some vendors are there each day like me. But some only come for one day of room trading or they just do the show. I usually visit each room and take a quick look around. Then return if there was something that I wanted to check out. Unless I saw something rare or really was looking for. One of the best parts of room trading is talking to fellow collectors or vendors. It is a relaxed setting that you can more at your own pace and just hang out.

This year the show looks like to be better than ever. So far there are over 60 dealers attending the show. That does not include a few collectors that might be only doing the room trading. The number of dealers might grow. Treefrog Treasures will be here for the show for all you painted metal collectors. Plus, Paul Amody will have all of his Russian painted miniatures. John Atherton will be bringing his foam products. This is the best way to pick up a castle or big terrain piece without paying a lot for the cost of shipping. David Cook from MicShauns Closet/TSSD will be one of the major plastic dealers. There will be a lot of vintage plastic figures, sets and playsets available too. Rick Eber’s displays will make your eyes bleed…