Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2017

Gettysburg Toy Soldier

Well it is that time again to return to Gettysburg. I try to get to Gettysburg at least once a year, it’s about an hour & a half from my home. And when I am able to, I will get down there when they have the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show. This year the show is on Sunday, April 23rd at the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center. I have gone to the show over the last 10 years. Last year I found a Conte Playset that I was looking for. It is always a good time, go to show and then look around the Battlefield or go shopping in the many little shops in Gettysburg. 


I received my post card reminding me about the show from John Stengel Jr. It was a Great loss when John Stengel passed last year. He kept me involved in the bobby, and must have kept a bunch of people involved over the years. 


Gettysburg Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier Review ~ Kreza Modellbau Vikings

The other day while searching ebay for some Viking figures, I came across these figures from Kreza Modellbau. I never heard of this company and after a search on google I found their website. The company is from Germany and sells many different figures. The site sells mainly Medieval figures, I guess that about 75mm? They have a Elastolin section of figures and section of Kreza figures. So after a looking through there site, I came across what I was looking for. The Viking oarsmen, not to many companies made viking figures to use as rowers. You would think there would be more figures made to go with Viking ships, but that is a whole post on its own.

Even though I collect figures about 1/30 in scale, I figured that these Kreza figures would be close enough. So after a contacted them by email and ordering 8 figures, they arrived safely. I ordered 4 different poses, 2 of each pose either rowing from the left or right. The ironic part of this story is, the day after I had ordered these figures I found some resin Conte oarsmen for auction on eBay. Here is a comparison of 2 Conte oarsmen, with the Kreza figure in the middle. I have a ship that I am working on, it is like the Conte Viking ship that is made out of wood. I am going to add some of my Kreza figures with the Conte figures. The way I think, is you would have your biggest men as rowers. So here are a few that are a little bigger than a normal man. Plus maybe in the future I can use some of these figures for customizing. Most of the figures are in resin or metal, the resin figures that I got, where around $20.00 a piece. Thanks for reading.

You can go here to find the oarsmen Elite Wikinger. They are very helpful and easily to deal with.



Toy Soldier Preview ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

Hi again, here are the latest figures from Engineer Basevich. This set is based on Early Slavs / Russian Warriors of the Kievan Rus. There are 12 poses and the details on these figures are excellent. I like the different action poses and some of these figures can be used as other dark age cultures. A lot of Engineer Basevich’s other sets are based on Russian history . They are about 1/30 in scale, and mix well with Conte, and Barzso or other figures that are 1/30 in scale or around 56mm. I am going to use some of these figures as Saxons and now I’m thinking of doing some type of Slavic display one day too. The Dark Ages is one of my favorite periods of history to research and I hope Engineer Basevitch comes out with more figures.

You can find these figures right now on ebay from this seller for $54.90.  New !!! Bassevich Early Slavs / Russian Warriors. Plastic 1/32 toy soldiers.

You see more of Engineer Basevich on FB on this page  TOY SOLDIERS ENGINEER BASEVICH


Enginner Basevich Slav and Barzso Merry Man


Jecsan Viking and Enginner Basevich Slav


Conte Viking and Enginner Basevich Slav

Slav2Knyaz Sviatoslav of Kiev

Knyaz Sviatoslav of Kiev

Slav1Olga of Kiev

Olga of Kiev


Pagan Priest (Volkhv)


Toy Soldier Review ~ Publius Saxons

I did a preview on these figures a few months ago, and recently got these delivered after I ordered from ebay. They are a welcome addition to my collection, Saxons are not to common compared to the number of Viking figures you can get. The only problem with these figures are the cost, which is more than I like to spend. But as a collector, I had to get these. Hopefully I will be able to paint these sometime before the summer, after I finish painting some of these Conte figures and other Publius Viking figures. But when I do, I will have a post on that. Ok, you can check out the pictures below to see the detail of the figures, they are excellent. Also see how they look with some Conte plastic and metal figures. These are about 1/30 in scale and go for about $49.99.





New Products ~ LOD Barzso American Revolutionary War Figures

LOD is now producing American Revolutionary figures using molds that where originally used by Barzso Playsets. There are 2 different sets, British Grenadiers and Colonial Minutemen. As mentioned in a early article, LOD has gained the rights to some of Barzso Playsets molds. So here is your chance to stock up on these sets, these are great for customizing too. You get 16 figures for $22.50. You can order with the following link and check out their other great products LOD Toys Soldiers