Prikaz Toy Soldiers

Prikaz Toy Soldiers2

Prikaz means “Order” or “Regiment” in Russian. They began production of 1/32 scaled figures in resin in 2018. The company is owned by Alex Pisarev. You can read more about Alex in an interview we did in early 2019 on the link over here Interview with Alex Pisarev of Prikaz Toy Soldiers.

I am helping Alex out with setting up this page as an online catalog of his sets. Most of his sets cost $30 to $37, plus shipping & conversion fees. He accepts PayPal. In the future I will also have some sets available. Most likely towards the end of the summer. My contact information can be found on the “About” page. 

I will start with his most recent sets produced on top and the older sets towards the bottom. Keep coming back as future sets are in development. I will also update some of the pictures of available sets. You can contact Alex by email at


Ancient Noble Slavs


2BEP. Dien Bien Phu

prikav dien bien phu3

2BEP. Dien Bien Phu

“Prince’s court-3: Prince”

prikaz set3 1

Prince court #3. Russian Prince Rurik

Prince Court #2 “Konung”

Prince Court2

Prince’s Court Set 2 “Merchants” or “Konung”

Prince’s Court #1 “Ragnar”

Prikaz Ragnar1




Alexey Pisarev

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