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Here is the latest set. It is titled “The Clash”. I will have some updated pictures in the near future.

Updated ~ 10-21-2020

Prikaz means “Order” or “Regiment” in Russian. They began production of 1/32 scaled figures in resin in 2018. The company is owned by Alex Pisarev. You can read more about Alex in an interview we did in early 2019 on the link over here Interview with Alex Pisarev of Prikaz Toy Soldiers.


I am helping Alex out with setting up this page as an online catalog of his sets. Most of his sets cost $30 to $37, plus shipping & conversion fees. He accepts PayPal. Right now I don’t have any Prikaz sets. If you are interested in any of these sets you should contact Alex. His email address is Tell him I sent you.

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I will start with his most recent sets produced on top and the older sets towards the bottom. Keep coming back as future sets are in development. I will also update some of the pictures of available sets.

Prikaz Card1




Viking Era and Early Medieval

Prince 1




M-1) Prince’s court 1 (Warlord Oleg, housekeeper, guard, merchant, Jewish moneylender) – $30


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Prince 2


M-2) Prince’s court 2: Konung (Ragnar, Scandinavian Jarl, Scandinavian girl, viking with Saxon girl) – $30


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Prince 3


M-3) Prince’s court 3: Prince (Prince Rurik, pagan war priest, prince Truvor, prince Sineus, princess Rogneda) – $35


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M-4) Squad 1 (1 mounted Rus noble warrior, 2 foot Slav/Rus noble warriors, 1 girl-warrior) – $37


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Coming Soon:

Prince 4


The Hunt

M-5) Prince’s court 4: Hunters (2 Slav hunters, woman with child, old man, slave, wild bear) – $37


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Viking Shield Wall1Viking Shield Wall2Viking Shield Wall3

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M-6) Squad 2: Konung Shield wall (3 standing fighting vikings, 3 kneeling fighting vikings) – $37





1st Indochina war


2BEP. N Plate

2BEP Pic1

In-1) 2BEP. Dien Bien Phu (2 bataillon de parachutistes de la Légion étrangère) (sergent-chef, 3 soldiers, 1 nurse) – $30


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Prikaz Indochina2

In-2. Here is the 2nd Dien Bien Phu set. 

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Moscow Streltsy and 17 century



The Rifleman2

The Rifleman

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St-1) Moscow Streltsy #1 – A set of five figures firing standing Streltsy with muskets and swords – $30

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Moscow Streltsy # 2-1

St-2) Moscow Streltsy # 2/1 firing standing Streltsy with muskets and axes, firing kneeling Streltsy with muskets and swords – $30

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Moscow Streltsy # 2-2

St-3) Moscow Streltsy # 2/2 firing standing Streltsy with muskets and axes, firing kneeling Streltsy with muskets and swords – $30

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Moscow Streltsy headquarters 1

St-4) Moscow Streltsy headquarters 1 (colonel, major, 3 guards) – $30

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Moscow Streltsy # 2-2

St-5) Moscow Streltsy headquarters 2 (banner, drummer, guard, 2 grenadiers) – $30

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St-6) “Assault” – fighting Russian and Polish warriors – $30

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St-7) Polish 17th Century Infantry – $30

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St-8) Streltsy regiment of artillery (1 cannon, 8 artillerists) – $100

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Alexey Pisarev

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