The Latest News!! 07/10/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Vikings & Saxons updates!!

It’s been over a month since my last update. I have been busy working, updating my workshop and designing new things. This post will be about everything that I am doing. A lot of exciting things are coming!!


As most of you know I have been working on creating some Viking miniatures. By the end of the Month, I will release the first two Vikings sets. Then another two sets by the end of the summer. Each set will include 7 figures. About 57mm in size. I have been testing out different resin mixtures to see what looks the best and is more durable. Right now, I like the Sage Green color for the Vikings. I might go with a yellowish color too after some more testing. Anyway, let’s look at some of the different models I am testing now. Some of these poses might change a little by the time production starts.

I have said this before. But I will repeat myself. Most of the figures in the Viking Raider sets have the poses either rushing in to fight or attacking. I wanted to capture the feeling of a village being raided. The warriors would come from nowhere to butcher the peasants. You can almost hear them screaming when you take a look at them. The Vikings should blend very well with the Conte Vikings.

I created Vikings of different styles. Some have part of their head shaved. Others are more traditional with long hair and long beards. There are figures without helmets and with helmets. Most of the warriors have either hand axes or Seax knifes. Some have Dane axes.

I wanted to get as many different figures as possible. By making a small change to a model I was able to do this. Besides the warrior figures there are a few character figures that are based off of movies, television shows or art.

Click on the side of the picture above to use the slideshow.

If you thought that was a lot, we are just getting started. By the end of the summer there should be about 8 or more different sets released. We also have a lot of new Saxons being created.

Saxon Pig Farm

Here is a picture one of the latest Saxon sets I made using a brown color resin mixture. New production is now in this color for the Saxons.

Dead Saxons

There will be a small set of 3 Dead Saxons.

Saxon armed peasant prototypes.
Some modded Saxon models with one of the new Saxon Archers.

Another set of Saxon armed peasants coming in August.

Plus, a set of Saxon Archers. There will be 5 different archers.

I am also working on some props to create a village.

The well is ready for production. That will also be released by the end of the summer.

The “Cart guy” was one of the first models made. I was going to add some other props to create a set. But I now decided to sell him separately. He will have a couple of accessories to fill his cart. Like some grains or chopped wood. He will be on the catalog in a few weeks also.

The last thing I will talk about today is “The Raid” set. It will include some Woman, children and some males. The poses depict how the peasants reacted to the Viking Raiders. Some are running away; others are too afraid to do anything. But there are some that will fight back. Here are some of the models almost ready for production.

Even though these models are made to be medieval figures they could also work for different eras. I will scale some of them down so they could fix in with the Barzso miniatures too.

I am going to start testing the new machine soon. I should have it fine turned in a couple of weeks. Once that is done, I will start making some of the bigger items. I will have more information as each set is released. That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

The Latest News!! 08/28/2021. Warhorse Miniatures Anglo-Saxon update!!

It has been almost a month since my last post. We continue to tests and develop the early medieval figure sets. Production will start in late October. At this stage we are confident we will have 4 to 6 different sets ready at launch. Above is part of the Anglo-Saxon family set. Things are still in development and a few things can change.

Here is the head of the family. He is scouting the country side looking for any dangers that might lurk in the distance.

Here is the Monarch of the family. She is returning home after gathering some berries.

Here is the eldest Son returning from the village market with some bread.

Here is the Daughter gathering some branches for the fire.

Here is the youngest Son. Is he running around playing or maybe to warn his family about something?

Here is a picture of the family in one of the resins we are currently testing. It is hard to get detailed pictures with my camera with the material. The foam house in the background is by Atherton Scenics.

Here is a test print on one of the houses we have designed. The house properly will be available early next year.

Here are some different resins being tested and some other brands to show size comparison. We will be making colors to match the plastic Conte medieval toy soldiers. The miniatures will also be scaled to be close to the size of the plastic Conte medieval figures and the W. Britain medieval figures.

Here are some of the redesigned figures that we have been developing earlier this year.

We will have a display at the Columbus Toy Soldier Show of the available sets. Plus some of the prototypes. The show will take place on on October 17th. For more information about the show visit this link,

We will have more updates in the coming weeks. This is only a preview of things to come. That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

Tippecanoe Toy Soldier 2 Show 2020 ~ Review Part 2 ~ The Show

Before we begin I would like to take a minute to reflect on the loss many of us experienced that day on September 11th, 2001.

Also before I start the review of the Tippecanoe Show, don’t forget about the Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show next month. You can read more about the show at their website,

This was the only picture that I did take of the show. It was taken before the show started. It was a little busier than this, lol.

This year was the first year that I actually prepared to sell as a vendor at a toy soldier show. It was fun. I have been going to the Midwest shows the past few years as just a collector. Now it is both. In this post I will talk about the selling part and my next post I will show the toys I had found. So let us begin…

We loaded up the vehicle with mainly new products from LOD Enterprises. I had a lot of the LOD Barzso figure sets and foam buildings. Plus Marx recast Japanese figure sets, die cast tanks and bagged plastic figure sets that I had picked up over the years. I even had a few Star Wars toys. Plus I was previewing my set of Anglo Saxons that I will have available next year.

I did pretty well selling the LOD figure sets and foam buildings. The grass mat by Killing Fields was great with the displays. You can see more of their products by click here, Killing Fields Terrain co.

Collectors were able to take a look at my future set of Anglo Saxons. I will have more information about them by the end of the year.

I also had some of the Russian made figures from Prikaz for display. I had a small battle of my Saxons and the Prikaz Vikings. They are perfectly matched. You can view more of the Prikaz figures on this page, Prikaz Toy Soldiers. It is an online catalog I set up for Alexy Pisarev on my website. You can order directly from him by using the email provided on that page.

I also had on display the New LOD Enterprises Science Fiction figures from “Another Plan from Outer Space”. I will have most of these products again at the Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show next month.

Here is what Rick Eber had at the show. He is usually the first person you will see at this show.

Also outside the main room was tables that belonged to Rod Chapman, Rick Lipp, Kole Sterling and collector named Curtis.

Here are some pictures of various tables. The show was mainly plastic this year. The big painted metal dealers didn’t make it to the show. There were a few tables that had some antique dime store painted metal figures.

Rob & Tera Roberts had some die cast vehicles and 21st Century WWII figures. Plus some hand painted figures for sale.

Bob Hornung was at the show with his miniature works of art for sale.

Here are some more tables from various dealers that had various types of toys.

It was nice to meet & talk to some of the fellow collectors that I see of Facebook. Jason Evans was one of them. He bought some action figures, toys soldiers and other collectibles to sell.

Trains and Toy Soldiers was here selling some toys soldiers too.

John Stengel Jr. sold most of his toy soldiers before the show even started. He had some playsets, foam terrain pieces and storage bins of loose figures. Because of the virus he has pushed back any plans for new figures for at least a year. Maybe more.

Volk Designs was at the show again with the custom made buildings and siege machines. They always have some really nice stuff. I picked up a few things from them as the show ended.

Even though the crowds were smaller than expected the collectors that did come spent their money. Because of the Virus, Holiday Weekend and probably collectors being unsure if the dealers would come was the result of the smaller crowds. Those that did come found some rare items and great deals. Next month you can come out to the Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Show. This will be the last major show of the year. Looks like the East Coast Toy Soldier Show will not happen this year.

I will have another post about the toys that I did buy at the show. It should be either tomorrow or next weekend. That is it for now. Thank you for reading ­čÖé