N/O#1 New Green Wolf Knights

USAHere are some of the new green wolf knight sets that we should start to see in 2015. What do you think? I will make a look of customs with these figures.

GermanyHier sind einige der neuen grünen Wolf Ritter-Sets, die wir sollten beginnen, im Jahr 2015 zu sehen Was denken Sie? Ich werde einen Blick von Zoll mit diesen Zahlen.

France Voici quelques-uns des nouveaux ensembles verts loup chevalier que nous devrions commencer à voir en 2015. Que pensez-vous? Je vais faire un look de douane avec ces chiffres.

6002 6041 6383 6384

2 thoughts on “N/O#1 New Green Wolf Knights

  1. Thanks for these great photos. I think they are the best knights series of the year. A great “add on” to the 3268 castle. Two new towers to add to our System- X. Some interested pieces for custom in grey, black and green. We need it!. Thanks

  2. Thanks Jose, I will keep posting. Get busy sometimes with work and life at times. But my passion is here. Going to gather some of these Green Knights and make some customs, Vikings and Knights. I am gong to start making some Warbands later this year. Different bands of Mercenaries, see what I can come up with. Going to add some fur capes on these Green Wolf Knights to bring out the Wolf 😉

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