New Releases for Conte Collectibles in 2015?

Hi, if you collect plastic Toy Soldiers then you must have some Conte Collectible figures in your collection. I have been a fan of Conte Collectibles since they first came out in 1999. They have made great figures in painted metal and unpainted plastic. Year after year they produced new sets of figures and some epic playsets. But the past few years, do to troubles they have been quiet. But hopefully this year they will return in full Glory again. Lets hope and see what happens. Here are some pictures of projects that we might see soon.

Here are some of the new Barbarians and Robin Hood.

Conte Barbarian1

Conte Barbarian2

Conte Robin Hood1

Here are some Normans.

Conte Norman1

Conte Norman1a

Conte Norman2

Conte Norman3

Conte Norman4

Conte Norman5

Here are some VIKINGS!!!

Conte Vikings1

Conte Vikings Ragnar

Conte Vikings Kirk