Playmobil Battle of Maldon Preview


This is a preview of some of the figures that I will be using for my diorama for the Battle of Maldon. In this picture are most of my Anglo-Saxons and some Vikings in the left side rear. I will make a few more posts over the next few weeks about some of the different figures, as I continue to build up my armies. I need more parts and have been waiting for some new sets or parts to be released some I can do a better job at building the Anglo-Saxons. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas that can help me, Thank You.


“The Battle of Maldon took place three weeks before Whitsun on 10 (possibly 11) August 991 AD near Maldon beside the River Blackwater in Essex, England, during the reign of Aethelred the Unready. Earl Byrhtnoth and his thegns led the English against a Viking invasion. The battle ended in an Anglo-Saxon defeat. After the battle Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury and the aldermen of the south-western provinces advised King Aethelred to buy off the Vikings rather than continue the armed struggle. The result was a payment of 10,000 Roman pounds (3,300 kg) of silver, the first example of Danegeld in England.”




Some Vikings, mainly custom figures.






Anglo-Saxons that I am building, I have to make more figures. Mainly Huscarls and the Fyrd. Some of these figures will be changed for the final pictures.

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  1. Hi Mike. What a horde! They are so beautiful and terrific!. You made a great work. I can see new putty beards, lots of hairs combinations, great 3d printed helmets, custom axes, hand painted weapons… Amazing!! You must show them in smaller groups to enjoy the details. Congratulations. Hoping to see the saxon army and the fyrd.

    • Thank you again, I am going to show the different units this weekend in different posts. First with the Saxons, like the Fyrd, Thegns and Huscarls. The the Vikings and lastly some of the special characters from the Battle of Maldon. It will most likely take a few weeks before I will create the Battle, want to make more units and am waiting for some more parts. But the good thing is that I am building things again and found a creative outlet like this Battle to drive me to finishing some things that I had not had the time or been spending my time doing other things. I am going to work on some new braids and things like that too. Most of the figures had been built last year and the braids and hair pieces too. I changed a few things up and repainted some others.

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