Toy Soldiers Preview ~ First Legion Vikings

Hi, I am starting a new section of previews of Toy Soldiers. Here is my first post and it is about the new line of Toy Soldiers from First Legion. Here are their first range of Vikings, The Norse Raiders and they should be out this summer. I like the way they look, realistic. They are in 1/30 scale, they should fit well with Conte’s Vikings and hopefully the new range by W. Britain. 

First Legion Vikings, Norse Raiders




2 thoughts on “Toy Soldiers Preview ~ First Legion Vikings

  1. Hi Mike, glad to read a new post in your blog. Great idea and great Vikings toy soldiers. I love them. They fit very well with the Conte Figures and Playsets. I am happy to know that Britain’s also made it. The “new” painted toy soldiers era have a lot of great figures. Too many to buy all, but I love to watch them. Have you seen the discontinued Forces of Valor 1/32 The Vikings Figure Pack Raiders? I think they are inexpensive and they look like very well. I never seen them and I am not sure that they fit with the Conte Vikings. Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings.

    • I usually don’t get to many painted metal sets, but I think I going to get the First Legion set. I seen the Forces of Valor and Britain sets. Going to try to get some of them when I can spare the money, only so much I can spare between all my other hobbies ) =

      Also, I just took a quick look at your site and will read more about your 3d printing project, I would be interested in helping out. Got to read more about it later and will add a comment. Thanks again, Mike.

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