The Find – Play Big Viking Ship

Hi, starting a new thing here. The is a cross over post, where Playmobil and Toy Soldiers combine or can use the same products for display. Anyway, I found these 2 Play Big Viking ships this year on ebay. I am going to convert them, one for Playmobil and the other for my Viking Toy Soldiers. I am gathering some ideas and hopefully I can finish both or one this winter. Here are some of the pictures of what they look like as of right now. Thanks for reading 😛


s-l1600 (7)s-l1600 (4)s-l1600 (1)Ship2bShip2aShip2DSC00468DSC00469DSC00470

2 thoughts on “The Find – Play Big Viking Ship

  1. What a BIG ship! They look great. Two real Viking ships, maybe you can put on it 20 Playmobil figures or more. Awesome Viking ships. I can not wait to see them finished. It is a BIG project. Thank you for sharing. Glad to read you. See you in the next post.

  2. Thanks my friend, I hope to get this done by the end of the fall. I got so many projects right now, plus I hope you items will help to. My next preview will be of your figureheads. Thanks for reading, talk to you later.

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