East Coast Toy Soldier Show 2016 Review

I had a great time at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show today in Hackensack, NJ. It had been over 10 years since the last time I had gone, something always came up. It had a nice balance of vintage & new plastic and painted metal figures. There were also playsets, Hess trucks and some other vintage toys. Plus some historical weapons and reenactors. It looked busy with people coming and going, plenty of vendors too. I spent almost 4 hours looking around and talking to dealers and collectors. I saw Mr. Stad from Stad’s Stuff, a really nice guy, also from Pennsylvania. Some of dealers I talked to were from Minutemen Toys SoldiersTreefrog TreasuresHobby BunkerW. Britain  and a bunch of other dealers. Plus Mike Russo was there, I got most of my Conte figures from him. I also talked to Patrick Falci, the actor who played A.P. Hill in “Gettysburg”film. I found some more Conte Vikings and Normans, most from sets number 1 and 2. I glad to find the Viking swinging the axe over his head and the little kid with the dagger. I was missing those figures from my collection. I spent about $1.00 for each Conte figure, not bad these days. I also picked up my W Britain Saxon figures from George at Minutemen Toy Soldiers. He spends a lot of time displaying the toy soldiers at the shows and does a great job. A great guy to deal with too, keeps you up to date with items that you are interested in and contacts you when he has them or finds something that you have been looking for. I even found some Playmobil at the toy soldier show!!!! A few old medieval figures and incomplete green medieval cottage, paid $21 for that.

ap-hill Me and Patrick Falci

Some pictures of the layout of the show.


Here are the Playmobil items that I picked up.


Some BMC cannons and mortars for a $1.50. 


I joined the W. Britain Collectors Club and this was my first figure. 

50068C – WWII / German Fallschirmjager with G-43, Winter 1944-45


Finally got the Conte Viking swinging the axe over his head and the little boy with the dagger.


Here is the hoard of Conte Vikings and Normans that I got, most of these are the poses from sets #1.

 Here is the displays by Minutemen Toy Soldiers

Some more pictures from the show.

Another group of pictures.

If you want to read more about the show you can read this article from the NorthJersey.com