Roll Call ~ June 2017

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Thanks for visiting again. This is my blog post for the month of June and I know it is July, lol. I am going to call the month report “Roll Call’. It has been busy for me this month, not really that much with the hobby but with life and work. Anyway lets begin. I did find a few interesting items and the first I found yesterday. 


The Find






Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to Leesport, PA to shop at a flea market. I didn’t get anything there. I saw a few bags of toy soldiers and other toys, but nothing I wanted or no good deals that I couldn’t pass up. I have become more select in things I buy. I have enough “stuff” around the house. Anyway, on the way home we saw a garage sale. There I picked up this guy. I think it is a Elastolin American War of Independence officer or maybe George Washington figure or it could be Frederick The Great? I could not pass up this figure for a dollar 🙂



I came across these figures on the internet the last month and liked the way the looked. They are Atlantic Alpini Toy Soldiers, or Alpine Troops. They are about 60mm and came in different shades of green. They also came in white. I think they were made in the 1970’s and represent modern Italian soldiers, since I don’t think they had snowmobiles during WWII. There are some pieces missing or parts that came from another set. There is a cannon that I got with these figures that is for the Americans. I will write something about that one day when I find a few more things to add to it.

They remind my of the old James Bond movies, where he would be skiing down the slopes avoiding soldiers or bad guys trying to kill him. I spent around $40.00 on these. I will look for set with the box one day.


Schylling Robin Hood

I found this set a few months for under $4.00. It is made by Schylling and is about 1/30 in scale. I never saw this set before and have not found to much information about them. I will use the two robin hood figures for my medieval collection, which is now in 2 parts. One is 1/35 in scale or the “small” 1/32 figures. Like Airfix, Marx, Italeri, Accurate and some other brands. The other part is mainly Conte and some other brands that have figures in 1/30 scale.


Old Print

And lastly for this report is an old Currier & Ives print that I found. I will put this in a frame. It’s an original and in a rough shape. But I like it this way. For a dollar you can’t go wrong either.


The Latest News

Here are some things that have come out since my last report. You might have seen some of these around the net.

Here are some figures made by “No Name”. They are copies or clones of metal figures. I think they are made in the Russian Federation and can be found on eBay. They say they are 60mm in size. I am going to get a couple sets and I hope they go well with Conte. I think they will, they might be little taller. I will use some as Saxons and most as Vikings. I will cut off any horns and make the double axe look more as a Dane axe. For under $20, I really can’t complain. 


Talking about Russia, here are some new sets being made by Chintoys and they look Great. You can find these on the internet between $20 and $30. They are really nice and great for anybody that loves history. Some of these can be used for some Mexican officers for the Alamo. One day, I hope they make a set for the American Civil War or the American Revolution. Any period really would be nice if the keep to these standards.



The Workshop

I really have not done too much the last couple of weekends, life gets in the way at times. And for me that is much of the time, always something to do. But the figures that have been working on are coming along. Here are some figures that I am painting as Saxons and Vikings. The first is by Conte, the other 3 are by Pvblivs.


Shield Wall1

Shield Wall Smaller_resize

Well that’s all for this month, I will continue working on a few things and take some pictures of those no name Vikings when I get them by the end of this month or so. That’s one of the problems from ordering from overseas, the wait. Thanks for reading ( :

2 thoughts on “Roll Call ~ June 2017

  1. Hi Mike, great review, thanks. I love ATLANTIC. I had many 1/72 boxes and some 1/32 when I was a child. They worked a lot of periods, greeks, romans, western, ACW, WWII, Modern, playsets… They had great sculptors. The Italians had many beautiful pieces.

    The NO NAME Vikings looks amazing. Some great warrior to add on your army. Please when you get them make some “family photo” with the rest of your Vikings. Your army must be so big nowadays.

    The Napoleonic General Staff figures are some of the best pieces I have ever seen in the Napolenic theme in plastic. Now there are many great news for the Napoleonic collectors. The can use them as French, British or whatever. Lovely pieces.

    Best regards, I always be happy to read you.

  2. Thanks Jose, just started recently getting a few Atlantic items here and there. Only if I get a good deal, they are very expensive over here in the states. Yes, I will do a comparison of the no name vikings and my other guys when they arrive. When I was a kid the first toy soldiers that I got where the Britains Napoleonic soldiers. It is a great period, but right now it is not in my collections. I don’t have the space or money to spare on any new types collections.Thanks again.

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