The Latest News ~September 2017~

The Latest News

Hi guys, the summer is just about over and soon some of the big Toy Soldier shows will be here. We are about 2 weeks away from the Chicago Toy Soldier Show, I wish I could make it. One of these days I will. That is on my bucket list, lol. I wish that Barzso and Conte would surprise us with something new, one could only hope. Looks like Airfix in not re-stocking their figure sets, might be another dry spell coming up for those. I will do a post on the show later this month, I hope there are some surprises.

There are a few new plastic sets from Pvblivs, Chintoys and X Force that you might be interested in.

I like the detailed figures that Pvblivs makes, but they are expensive. Here are a few pictures of their latest set “Wild West American Trappers”. They are 1/32 in scale. You can find these on ebay for around $55.00.


Chintoys has spread to the American Civil War, after making a bunch of sets for the Napoleonic Era. They have 2 new command sets, one for the North and one for the South. The look nice and should be found on ebay I think later this month.

The first set is for the Union, 8 figures in 1/32 scale. You get President Lincoln, John Fulton Reynolds, Joshua Chamberlain, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Oliver Otis Howard, William Tecumseh Sherman, Winfield Scott Hancock, and George Armstrong Custer.

The second set is for the Confederates, 8 figures in 1/32 scale. You get Robert Edward Lee, James Ewell Brown ‘J.E.B.” Stuart, Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, James Longstreet, Thomas Jonathan ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, John Bell Hood, George Edward Pickett and Richard Montgomery Gano. Gano is an odd choice, I would rather have seen Patrick Cleburne.

X Force or Expeditionary Force  is starting their Napoleonic line with 2 new sets. The first set is French Fusiliers (1812-1815) and the second is French Grenadiers & Voltiguers. The figures look nice, they are 54mm. Looks like the price has increased for their figures.

French Fusiliers (1812-1815)


French Grenadiers & Voltiguers


That is it for now, I should have a few more posts this month. Thanks for reading, take care for now.

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  1. WW1 AEF Vs Nazi fathers would be a good tribute to America’s first massive venture into a
    foreign cauldron.Nick’s Armies In Plastic are/were the only players.Better sculpting/mix&
    match bodyparts/weapons…..why not? Maybe Ron B.could give this a shot?
    Belleau Wood..Chateau Thierry..Cantigny..etc…
    Hell,I’d buy ’em.

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