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Hi guys, I just got some information about Barzso Playsets. According to Jim Clouse, Ron plans to produce some of his old sets. If they sell well, Ron plans to produce some new sets next year. 

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Some big news coming from Barzso Playsets. While Ron has been quiet the past year or two, he’s still been busy. 

Ron has been looking for a better formulation of plastic resin to run figures in – – and has found it! The company that runs the figures are on board and have produced a selection of Ron’s previous figures.

The new material is more durable than the original resin, figures come out of the mold with straight weapons, etc. I have some of the early mold shots, and I even went to the length of dropping a firing guy on my concrete basement floor – no damage! Paint also adheres very well to the figures. 

Here is a list of the figures that are available in the new material:

Pirates – Powder Blue

Confederate Casualties – Gray

Woodland Indians – Gray

Union Casualties – Powder Blue

Civil War Camp Poses – Powder Blue

Barbary Coast Pirates – Gray

1805 US Marines – Powder Blue

Lewis and Clark Character Figures – Powder Blue


Due to the higher cost of the material being used, prices will be $20 for eight figures (single poses, no duplicates). Ron said depending on collectors’ reception of these figures, he plans on making new figures for 2018.


Figures will be available at the Chicago Show this week, and will be added to the website soon after.


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Looks like some more Great News before the big show starts. I hope to hear more 🙂

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