Latest News! Toy Soldier News, Memorial Day.


Hi guys, here is another post about some news on the hobby. Plus some other odds and ends. But first I wanted to say something about Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day to remember, show respect, and honor the brave men and women who DIED while in service to our country. They paid the ultimate sacrifice and are missed by spouses, children, parents, and extended family, friends, and their comrades every day of the year. This day encourages other Americans to reflect on their sacrifice.


The other day I ran out to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies to help me with displays and crafting & customizing things. When I was leaving I met some Vietnam Veterans. They were taking donations and making people aware of the “Vietnam Veterans of America”. My Father is a Navy Veteran from 1954-59 and my Uncle is a Vietnam Army Veteran. So after I had made a donation I talked for over a half hour with these Gentleman on different topics. I fully support their goals, which are below.


Vietnam Veterans of America goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

So if you know someone who is a Vietnam Veteran let them know about the “Vietnam Veterans of America” group. You can read more about them here Vietnam Veterans of America.

Safari Jamestown



Now on with some hobby news. One of the things that I purchased at Hobby Lobby was some figures by Safari. It was the Safari Jamestown Settlers Toob set. It cost $9.99. I purchased this because it contained mainly villagers. I am going to repaint these and use them as either Colonial or as Medieval villagers.

Safari Jamestown8

Safari Jamestown9

Safari Jamestown10

The figures are about the same size as Conte Vikings and Barzso/LOD American Revolution figures. The toob I purchased didn’t have the ship or figure firing a musket. So take a look at the toob before you purchase it if you are interested in a certain figure. They have different toobs too, you can see more here Safari Ltd Toobs

The other day on Stad’s Stuff there was a conversion about Evan Oelrichs . He was looking for some advice on starting a new toy soldier company. His Idea was to make toy soldiers about World War One. You can read more and join the conversion over there Stad’s Stuff – Potential New Company Has Question on Their Plans.

s-l1600 (1)

s-l1600 (3)


The same or next day I came across this custom set on eBay. It looks really exciting, except for the price. Full of action. An excellent idea of what a playset should look like. ebay auction




Chintoys CHT009

I saw this the other day on Igor Basevich FB page. It is the first look at the new Chintoy’s Conquistadors and Mixtec & Zapotecs Warriors. Igor made the said the figures are about the same size as the Barzso Aztecs and Conquistadors. 

Important information !!!!!
The first set of Conquistadors CHINTOYS’s in size is oriented to the soldiers of Barzso on a similar theme “Aztecs” and “Conquistadors”, on a scale closer to 1/35. ( that is, less than the usual 😎CHINTOYS)
Please take this into consideration!!!!!

Chintoys CHT015



Here is an update right after I posted this article. I got some pictures of the John Jenkins prototypes for the “Battle of Saratoga” line from Treefrog Treasures FB page.

JJDesigns Saratoga3

I like the way the John Jenkins figures are starting to look. I might have to get a few of the new American Revolution figures. I have picked up a few of his French & Indian figures over the years. 

I have not heard anything about the Paragon Plains Indians. I don’t know if they got them in time for the Texas Toy Soldier Show that just passed this weekend. I hope to order some of them soon.

That is it for now. I continue to work on things with my figures. My Playmobil friends will be happy to see new customs soon. I am working on some unfinished things and some new ideas too. Plus some new additions to the web site. Take Care for now, thanks for reading.