Latest News!!! December 1st, 2018. New Owners of TSSD, No Texas Toy Soldier Show in 2019.

After a couple of months of speculation about the status of Toy Soldiers of San Diego there was an announced today. The new owner is David Cook. He is the eBay seller MicShaun’s Closet.


I have purchased toy soldier sets from them in the past on eBay. I’ve had great service from them. The last time was in July when I ordered 3 sets of the Paragon Plains Indians. I can’t wait to see what their plans are.


TSSD Romans

I would like to thank Nick and DeAnna for their time put into creating some nice figure sets and expanding the hobby of Toy Soldiers for us plastic guys.




We have some sad news to mention too. The Texas Toy Soldier Show will not continue in 2019. But it should be back in 2020.

Thank you for reading. I hope to have some future posts in a couple of weeks.



6 thoughts on “Latest News!!! December 1st, 2018. New Owners of TSSD, No Texas Toy Soldier Show in 2019.

  1. I cannot think of a greater tribute to both Nick and DeAnna and their contribution to the hobby than pictures of the toy soldiers they produced. Nice job. Thanks.

  2. Not really a tribute. I wish his health returns and he enjoys his retirement. My Father just pasted away after dealing with failing health for a number of years. I hope that someone records all the sets that they have done over the years. I will post some pictures of the sets that I own over the next few months. I want to create an online reference for some of the Barzso, Conte and some other companies in the future too.

  3. I hope they can make a new show in 2020. The shows and flea markets are a beautiful way to keep the hobby alive. Now it is the time of the net, but it is great to find that beautiful piece that you are looking for “digging in the garbage”. Good news about TSSD, I have been following their creations during these years. We must thank them the great work that they made. Thank you for posting. Best regards

    • Thanks Jose. Yes, they have made some nice sets. I think the Plains Indians was some of their best work. They are my some of my all time favorite plastic figures. I bet they will have some nice plans after the dust settles.

      You have to go to the shows and support the dealers there. For the most part you will find some good or better deals. I have purchased a few items after seeing them first hand. Sometimes the pictures will not capture the details of an item. Thanks again for stopping by Jose.

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