Latest News!! 09-13-2019 ~ Previews of some new releases from Engineer Basevich & Biplant.


The toy soldier show in Chicago is around the corner now. I bet there will some new products & news. Plus some surprises!! We will have to wait for now. But until then I have some news to share from Russia. The first is from Engineer Basevich. They have two news sets in 1/32 scale that they are releasing.

EB Russian Cav Set 28


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The first one is Set #28 “First cavalry army. Civil War in Russia 1918-21”

EB Russian Cav Set 29


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The second is Set # 29 “Red commanders. Civil war in Russia 1918-21″

BrownRuby RedRuby Red1

These sets will be cast in different colors. The details are really nice. Here are some more pictures below.

Civil War in RussiaCivil War in Russia1Civil War in Russia2Civil War in Russia3Civil War in Russia5Civil War in Russia6Civil War in Russia8EB Russian Cav Set 28aEB Russian Cav Set 28bEB Russian Cav Set 28cEB Russian Cav Set 28dEB Russian Cav Set 29a


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Next we have some preview of 5 different sets that are from another Russian company called Biplant. The new historical based figure sets appear to be new and not copies of other brands. The historical figure sets are about 60mm to 65mm in size. The Fantasy set are recasts from a company called Oritet. I am not too sure about the scale of the fantasy figures.



Here are the two fantasy Amazon based figure sets. The first is a set of dragon figures. They are fantasy female warriors. The second is of a dragon and another female warrior.

Biplant GaulsGaul1Gaul2Gaul3Gaul4Gaul5Gaul6

Here are the Gauls. They look good. Some could be used as Saxons or Vikings by trimming the helmets and hand axe.


Here are the Romans. I think a few look more like Greeks. 


The last set is of Dark Age Rus warriors. They are really nice. I think the price tag on all of these sets is around $10. Not bad at all. I will get a couple sets of the Rus & Gauls for a review in the near future. They should be found on eBay somewhere soon.



That is it for now. I should have another post up this Sunday. Thank you for reading.



6 thoughts on “Latest News!! 09-13-2019 ~ Previews of some new releases from Engineer Basevich & Biplant.

  1. Awesome figures. Russian revolution figures are a very rare add on to the toy soldiers world. They are nicely sculpt and they have beautiful posses. I think you can used them as red or white. Maybe for a Doctor Zhivago display or a WWI battle against germans in the western front or even some Don Cossacks in the WWII using the figures with the fur hat. I love the horses, they are great figures. I love the Rus figures, you can used them as Vikings or Normans (the one with the spear and the conic helmet, what a man!!). They look great and seem “cheap” compared with other toy soldiers. Thank you very much for sharing it. You are becoming in the toy soldier gazette!!. Regards

    • Yes. They should have multiple uses those Russian horsemen. There are some many sets coming out it is hard to keep that. I think I will start cataloging sets year by year. I will keep a folder and then at the end of the year put that in my “Year in Review” or something like that.

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