East Coast Toy Soldier 2019 Review

The Show

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Yesterday I attended the 37th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale. After a 2 hour drive I arrived about 10 minutes before the show started. I went to the back of the line of about 100 people waiting to get in. I waited about 5 minutes before the doors opened and there was another 100 waiting behind me. So around 200 people entered as the show began. I heard from vendors that the show was well attended and they did good in sales. After 3 years of declining crowds it had bounced back.

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So after about a two hours I went out to get my camera and took a tour around the show which we shall see soon. I found a few more things for my collection. I was not really searching for anything in particular but I did find a few things for my collection. I will do a separate post about the items that I did find. I was not able to get every vendor in the post. For the article I used about half of them present.

A Treefrog Treasures

I was greeted by Julie the owner of Treefrog Treasures. They are usually the first table in the first row. She is very helpful with the painted metal seta that they sell. You can visit their website at https://www.treefrogtreasures.com.

B Fast Eddies Attic

The next vendor that I came across was “Fast Eddie”. They had a bunch of vintage figures to choose from. Plus other vintage items. There were many box lots. He is usually at the New Jersey Toy Soldier Show and the Heart of the South Toy Soldier Show.

C Scott Schleh6

One of the tables that I usually want to see is Scott Schleh one. He has amazing custom built dioramas and items for sale. Send him a message if you are interested in his work. His email is mrclaycars@aol.com.

D Army Wargaming Center

Gary Green of Army Group Center Wargaming was there too with his usual selection of boxed sets. Both 1/72 & 1/32 in scale. He also has boxes of loose figures for sale at the shows. You can go to his website over here, https://army-group-center-wargaming.myshopify.com/.


Check out the art by Doug Dearth at his website, http://dearthco.net/. He is usually at some of the Toy Shows across the nation.

 Usually at every show that I go to there is a new vendor or collector at the show. Phil Coffey was selling some off his collection this year. If you see anything that you might be interested in send him a email at hnc27@aol.com.

F Georgies Toy Chest6

George’s Toy Chest is usually at the show too. Check out all the antique & vintage toys at https://georgestoychest.com/.

Ramdom VendorsRamdom Vendors1Ramdom Vendors2Ramdom Vendors3Ramdom Vendors4

Here are some random pictures from the show.

G Janice

One of the new vendors this year was Janice. She was selling some vintage collectibles and toys. I think that the show is evolving a little to include more vintage toys and military or historical items. I picked up some elves for my girlfriend from Janice.

H W Sullivan2

William J Sullivan had a nice selection of hand painted miniatures and models for sale. Plus some books. Send him a message if you are interested in his work.

I Francis Turner4

Francis Turner was at the show again selling mainly Marx toys. He had playsets, figure sets, boxes of loose figures or bagged figures for sale. I picked up some 60mm Marx Robin Hood figures and a boxed set of Atlantic Apaches in 1/32 scale.

J Eber

Most of the shows that I attend I will see Rick Eber set up selling his vintage toys. Time after time he has some of the best and rare Marx Playsets & figures. If you are a die-hard Marx collector you should check him out. His website is at, http://www.marxplaysets.com/

Ramdom Vendors5Ramdom Vendors6Ramdom Vendors7Ramdom Vendors8Ramdom Vendors9Ramdom Vendors10

Here are some more random pictures from the show.

John Stengel Jr

A rare photo of Stengel Jr. Worth the price of admission, lol.

John Stengel Jr was at the show selling some of his vintage toy soldiers. He had a nice selection of Barzso Playset figures and display pieces. I picked up a bunch of Atlantic Roman figures from him and a few Barzso figures. We should see a set of the German Paratroopers next year. Hopefully in the spring.

K Connell

Steve Connell was selling some items for the first time at this show. He had a nice selection of metal painted figures.

L Arley Pett

Arley L Pett had a huge selection of antique & vintage toys for sale. He is also looking to purchase antique toys. He is up in Maine if you are interested in buying or selling.

M Smileys

Smiley’s Toys was a vendor selling mostly Hess Trucks. But the had some of collectibles for sale.

N Hornung Art

Robert Hornung of Hornung Art had a nice selection of his products. He has a lot of unique painted metal sets. He is currently working on a website. He does a lot of the sculpting and painting of his sets. I will have more information about his products in the future.

O The Patriot5

The Patriot is a store in Lake George, NY. They had a nice selection of historical military items and vintage toys at the show.

P Gerry Watts6

One of the vendors that you have to see at this show is Gerry Watts. He always has a huge selection of vintage toy soldiers to pick through. They are separated by price either loose or figure sets bagged. I picked up some Marx vikings from him.

Ramdom Vendors11Ramdom Vendors12Ramdom Vendors13Ramdom Vendors14Ramdom Vendors15

Here are some more random pictures from the show.

Q St Petersburg

The amazing painted metal miniatures from the St. Petersburg Collection by AeroArt International had a nice selection at the show too. You can see more at their website, https://www.aeroartinc.com/.

R Cuddy2

Collector Robert Cuddy is selling off his collection. Send him a message if you are interested.

 The Metal Shed was there with their custom made planes and vehicles.

Here are some more pictures from different vendors that were at the show. They have no websites and were just selling things at the show.

T Paul Amody1

Paul and Donna Amody were at the show again with their beautiful painted metal figures.

George Guerriero of Minutemen Toy Soldiers was at the show too with his great displays of hand painted metal miniatures. He also has some plastic figures and magazines. I picked up 5 of the John Jenkins Age of Arthur Saxons from him. Plus the latest issue of the Plastic Playset Magazine. Check out George’s website, http://www.mmtoysoldiers.com/. I get most of my metal figures from George. He offers great customer service and is very knowledgeable about all the different paitned metal companies.

V Scottys1

ScottyZ Toyz was a new vendor selling some vintage toys. Mostly action figures. But this was just a sample of what toys he has to offer. He is usually at the other vintage toy shows in NJ.


Josh is another vendor that just sell his vintage toys at some of the shows. He usually is at the East Coast Show.

W Britain

William Britain was also selling their products at the show. This is one of my favorite companies. I also am one of their Collector Club members. W Britain CC offers so much than the exclusive figures. The Standard magazine is really nice. It is filled with pictures and interesting historical based articles. They offer exclusive discounts too!

Z Hobby Bunker

Hobby Bunker was at the show again. They offer a huge selection of both plastic and painted metal miniatures. They are now the proud owner of Paragon Scenics & Miniatures. You can check out their website here, https://www.hobbybunker.com/.

The Show6The Show7The Show8

It was another successful show. I had a good time talking to the vendors and other collectors. The time flew by quickly. I noticed more younger people at the show. There were more couples and families too. I think the show will keep growing with the basis being toy soldiers. But will have more vintage toys as time goes on.


That concludes the review of the show. In my next post of will have pictures of the items that I purchased. There was not enough time for me to take more pictures and then edit them. This probably is my last show for the year. I hope to have some more posts on different subjects and any news when it comes. Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “East Coast Toy Soldier 2019 Review

  1. Mike There is the Long Island show in 2 weeks in Freeport.
    Stengle, Matt Murphy and Double G will all be set up. Gary Greene, too.

    It’s 2 days, Friday night and then all day Saturday. There are lots of tables taken by people just selling off collections.
    Shoot me an email. I have some thing to discuss with you in private….Bill

  2. Good day!
    Thank you for the photo of the exhibition.
    It’s nice to visit (even so) the exhibition of collectors of soldiers.
    I saw a lot of interesting things, I like a lot.
    Well done organizers.
    With respect,

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