The 2020 Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Review

Yesterday was the last toy soldier show of the year for me. The Columbus show survived the cancelations that many other shows had fell victim to this year. There was plenty of room for social distancing. Vendors and collectors had masks on. The crowds were bigger than the last show in Indiana. But they still were smaller than usual. The collectors that came found some rare items and some deals.

The event was held at The Point at Otterbein University. This was a new location for the show. The first thing you saw when you entered the building was Rick Eber’s tables.

They were loaded with mostly vintage Marx toys. You can take a look at Rick’s website over here, Send him a message if you see something that you like.

Across from me was Scott Canady, a fellow collector. He was selling of some things from his collection.

On the left of Scott was a vendor named Curtis.

Next to Curtis was another collector/vendor. I didn’t get his name.

On the other side of Scott Canady was Rick Keller. He had a lot of vintage plastic and playsets.

Not everything was plastic toy soldiers. Robert Hornung was selling his hand cast metal figures. He also hand paints each figure. Art in miniature.

Another vendor was selling antique toys & dime store metal figures.

Larry Lovely had plenty of plastic toy soldiers. He was selling them loose in plastic bins.

Todd Nace brought with him a piece of Marx Toy history. The board was hung on the wall at Marx Toys. I think these were test shots.

Here are some the things that Todd Nace & his Father were selling.

Here are some random pictures of the show.

Here are some pictures of what Steve Connell was selling.

Here are some more random pictures of items from unknown vendors.

John Stengel Jr. had a bunch of plastic figures loose in plastic storage containers, vintage games, foam pieces and some playsets as usual. He had really good prices and sold most of the things that he had.

I had setup a display of my Anglo Saxons fighting the Prikaz Scandinavians Shield Wall figures. The grass mat is from Killing Fields. I used the LOD/Barzso foam buildings & river terrain pieces which I was selling. I also had LOD plastic toys soldiers and the LOD/Barzso resin figures. Plus some other items that I have picked up over the years.

Here are some pictures of LOD/Barzso re-issue figures that were painted by a collector. He had purchased these from me last month. They came out really nice. He had some problems getting the paint to stick. I am going to test out a few things to see if I come across the same problem in the near future. I usually will soak the figures in Dawn dish wash soap over night in hot water.

The Point at Otterbein University was a really nice place. It was a open place that had a food court and rest area. This is perfect for any collector that might have driven a few hours to take a break after searching at the show. The show will be held here again next year.

The only bad thing about selling things at the show is I have less time looking around the show. But I was able to find a few things.

Here is a Star Wars figure that I found before the show at an antique mall for a few dollars.

I had this set a while ago and had sold it. So when I saw it again I had to get this set. These Airfix Russians are cast in hard to find orange color. I think I paid $15 for these.

Here is the Barzso Playset Robin Hood’s Men plastic figure set in brown. 16 figures in 8 different poses. I picked this set up for $15.

Here are the four Robin Hood character figures. Friar Tuck, Little John, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood. I picked these four figures up $15.

Well that is it for now. Thank you for reading.

9 thoughts on “The 2020 Columbus Ohio Toy Soldier Review

  1. Great that you got to another show. I really enjoyed the photographs of all those different figures.
    I enjoy your blog, but I wonder, are you able to resize the photos in your post(s) please? I wanted to put a link to your blog on one of mine, but the ‘thumbnail’ of the photos from yours are huge! I have temporarily removed the link as it stuffs up the formatting of my blog.
    Regards, James

    • Hi. I could load up a few pictures at end that won’t blow up. Which pictures were you interested in? The Saxons? I will add that now. If you were looking for something different let me know. Also thanks for stopping by ūüôā

  2. Thank you for publishing the pictures of my painted F&I British. Just one minor correction to your comments, I only had minor problems with the paint sticking. The staff on the Ensign I had to seal first , then primed and painted and it worked fine. The problem was with the rough casting. I had to do a lot of scraping, filing and sanding to get the figures in good enough shape to prime and paint.
    Thanks for listening to my concerns.
    Scott Campbell

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  4. Great post and wonderful pictures. I only go to the Gettysburg show as it is only 45 minutes away. Of course, like most other things, it was cancelled this past spring, so your post was a nice vicarious walk-through. My wife and I are both in a couple health risk-groups, so we might still be in lock-down for a spell even after the all clear is sounded, and it might be a while before I get back to Gettysburg. So thanks again for this great post. It’s always a treat to see the Marx stuff.

    Best wishes,
    Mannie Gentile
    Boonsboro MD

    • Sorry I missed your comment. Hopefully the Gettysburg show is on for 2021. It has been a rough year. I had the virus in the beginning of the year. It was mild for me. But not for my girlfriend. Praying that next year is better.

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