The Latest News!!! 03/10/2022 ~ Midwest Toy Soldier Show, 20 February Moscow Exhibition Fair of Soldiers Sandbox and News!!

Before we start, I just wanted to mention about the world we live in. Not to get political, there are other websites for that. But just as a witness of the events around us. About two weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine. Most thought that it would be over in a few days. Now it is almost entering the third week. Reports of thousands of Ukrainians and over 10,000 Russian soldiers are dead or wounded.

Besides the obvious loss of life of both the Ukrainians and Russians. This conflict is affecting about everyone around the world. The price of oil has rising, inflation was already high enough. It looks like this year will be another year we will want to forget.

The war has affected the hobby of Toy Solider collecting already. Ukrainian companies have had to put a hold on production for now. The Russian based companies are now having their own problems because the credit card companies and banks have blocked their access. In the USA some collectors are questioning if it is worth it for them to travel to the shows because the rising cost of fuel.

Right before the war started, they had the Moscow Exhibition Fair of Soldiers show or “Sandbox” as it is translated. From what I was told the collectors and vendors had a good time. The collecting community has seen a steady growth in Russia the past five years. We have seen one or two new companies pop up every year.

The show looked nice. From what I see and was told most of the major companies were there. Plus, collectors selling both old and new toy soldiers.

Chintoys and Engineer Basevich had a bunch of their plastic sets. They were showing off their new knights.

HANOMAKA is one of the new companies that appeared last year. They are making some nice World War II sets.

Here are some pictures from the company called “Little Man” or Chelovechek.

Here is Mikhail Glikin owner of Plastic Platoon with some of his new figures.

Here are some random pictures of the show.

Here are some of the medieval sets Prikaz. I think they are starting to use a new resin like what Warhansa uses.

These are the miniatures made by Publius.

Here is another batch of random pictures from the show.

Here is set from the company called Silent Hill. From what I understand this is a group venture of Warhansa and Prikaz. Maybe someone else?

Here is another new company called Tihon Figuren.

We finish off with the company called Warhansa. Only time will tell if these shows continue. It is a shame what the effects of this wear have on everyone.

The room trading phase for the Midwest Toy Soldier Show starts in about two weeks from now. Here are some pictures from the past. The best way for me to describe it is like Halloween & Christmas wrapped into one event. It gets to the point that you have to take a break because you see so much. Almost like the feeling of being “Snow Blind”. The best way to start is to write down all the room #’s and cross them out or put a check next to it once you visit. Each day is a little different. Some vendors are there each day like me. But some only come for one day of room trading or they just do the show. I usually visit each room and take a quick look around. Then return if there was something that I wanted to check out. Unless I saw something rare or really was looking for. One of the best parts of room trading is talking to fellow collectors or vendors. It is a relaxed setting that you can more at your own pace and just hang out.

This year the show looks like to be better than ever. So far there are over 60 dealers attending the show. That does not include a few collectors that might be only doing the room trading. The number of dealers might grow. Treefrog Treasures will be here for the show for all you painted metal collectors. Plus, Paul Amody will have all of his Russian painted miniatures. John Atherton will be bringing his foam products. This is the best way to pick up a castle or big terrain piece without paying a lot for the cost of shipping. David Cook from MicShauns Closet/TSSD will be one of the major plastic dealers. There will be a lot of vintage plastic figures, sets and playsets available too. Rick Eber’s displays will make your eyes bleed…

And then there will be me, with the latest Barzso/LOD Products and of course my new Medieval 3D printed figures & accessories. Besides my Saxons I will have sets of the new French & Indian War Compagnies Franches de la Marine sets. I will be bringing about 10 different sets in all. Most will be on display with some prototypes of things to come. Visit for more information about the other dealers and the show.

Let us pray that the war ends soon and peace returns to that part of the world. That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

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