The Latest News!! 05/30/2022 ~ Updates & Hobby News.

I hope everyone is safe on this Memorial Day weekend. I have some updates on what I have been doing and some other hobby related news.

French Marines Set #1
French Marines Set #2
Saxon Shield Wall Set #1
Saxon Shield Wall Set #2
Medieval Deer Hunter Set
Red Deer Set #1
Red Deer Set #2

The last few weeks I have added a bunch of sets to my store. You check all of the new sets over here, Store.

I have been able to spend more time adjusting, modifying or replacing some things with the Blacksmith shop. I had the Blacksmith replaced. He now looks more Medieval. I merged the spears to the weapon rack and added a base to it. I added a base to the tool rack and changed a few other things. I adjusted the size of a few things also. I am thinking of replacing the shop now too. In the future I will reuse some of these props for a colonial Blacksmith shop. I hope to have this finished by the end of the year.

“The Head Taker”

I just finished working on the second group of Viking Raiders. In about a month I should have the third group finished. When all is done, there should be around 20 poses or so. I will then break all the poses into a few different sets. Hopefully all of these completed before August. Most of these Raiders are in fast paced motion ready to attack or attacking. They depict a raid taken place. To reflect that most of the Vikings are lightly armored. Surprise & speed are their best weapon. They will be made in a Sage Green color.

Saxon Archers

The Saxons are getting some reinforcements now. I am testing out some new models to create an archer set. There should be 6 poses for this set. I think they should be ready in 2 or 3 weeks from now.

Saxons vs Vikings
Updated Saxon Swordman
Warhorse Logo

Besides all of that I continue to learn more, add more machines and experiment on making a better product. The store has 16 different sets available for purchase now. I am using a new grey color resin that looks a lot nicer. The Saxons are now made in a brown color. I might have a reddish-brown color soon. The Vikings will be in a Sage Green. In the future I will be able to test out some of the bigger items I have planned.

Painted by Steve Pyle

The last piece of news about Warhorse are these pictures of the Armed Saxon Peasants that collector Steve Pyle painted for me.

Plastic Platoon US Marines Support Group
Publius Moors, Battle of Poitiers.

New sets are still coming out in Russia. Unfortunately for most of us in the west they are unavailable because of the war in Ukraine.

I received some news from Ken of LOD. “The prototypes for Apollo and Poseidon are being sent this week from the factory in Hong Kong. Here is a photo of them with the existing Area and Athena in the background.”

Troop Transport

Also, from Ken. We will have these guys in red to fill up a troop transport. It is shaping up to be a 15 figure set (6 oarsmen, 6 soldiers being ferried to shore, and three other figures).”

Here is an article about brushes for you collectors that like to paint. Tell me what you think,

That wraps it up. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Latest News!! 05/30/2022 ~ Updates & Hobby News.

    • Thank you, James. I was just thinking about this today while I was changing the “Workshop” area. I added a new table and printer and took a picture of that. I will do a post one day about everything. I am starting to work on some new designs for the French & Indian War figures.

  1. Hello there warhorse miniatures hope this message finds you well and in good health.Is it ok to ask if you think you might do ww2 figs in the future.I do understand that saxons and vikings are also a good seller but just wondered if you might think about doing ww2 figs to go with the ones that TSSD did a few years back as that range could do with some more new figs.

    • Hi Anthony. I don’t know when or if I would get to WWII. It is the least in my collection. I’m making things that I personally wanted to see. I am almost done with the 1st phase of what I wanted to make with the Saxons & Vikings for the village being raided. This fall I will start working on some French & Indian War figures. The Normans are coming next year. The problem with WWII is the research and accuracy. It takes more time. If anything it would be irregular type figures. I would like to do some pacific theater miniatures or German poses for the Blizkreig. Maybe 2024? What were you thinking about?

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