The Latest News!! 08/01/2022 ~ Warhorse Miniatures Viking Raiders Sets #1 & #2. Plus, some Warhansa news!!

This how I feel after making each set

In the last post we talked about some of the things I am working on. The Viking Raiders was one of them. This weekend I will add the first two Viking Raider sets to my online store. Each set includes 7 different figures. The size is around 57mm. Color is Sage Green. They will blend well with the Conte or W. Britain Vikings & Saxon toy soldiers. The cost for each set will be $49.00.

Viking Raider Set #1

Here are the poses that will be in Set # 1. There are different hair styles that range from the partly shaven head to the more classical look of long hair. Beards are everywhere. Plus, some of the figures are different sizes. The figure I named “Big Boy” is a Viking that would have been over 6 & 1/2 feet tall and over 300 pounds. Most of the poses show the men in a fast pace. They capture the feeling of a village being raided. Most of the warriors are lightly armored. Speed is their advantage today. They are armed with Axes and Seax knifes. Most warriors didn’t have swords at this time. But long knives, axes and spears were common.

Viking Raiders Set #2

Set #2 continues the fast pace. But about half of the poses are attacking with Dane Axes. These deadly axes had a long handle and usually a bigger axe head. They say this axe would shatter shields, split heads, cut off arms. Besides the swinging of the axe overhead there were other fighting techniques. You could clip at their legs, grapple shields away, or thrust from behind a shield wall to slash a neck. You will notice the different styles of helmets worn. From a simple cone shaped nasal helm to a more elaborate raven type.

If you are interested in getting these two sets you can send me a message at

Warhansa Landsknechts Artillery

Most of you know since the war in Ukraine there hasn’t been to many toy soldiers coming out of Russia. Plus, some of the companies have stopped or paused production. I was talking to the guys over at Warhansa. I am happy to learn they are designing new sets and are starting to get their products out again. You can check out their website,

Most of the new sets are Landsknechts related. They are also revisiting some of their older sets and working on tabletop battlefield pieces.

Starting to use the new machine for production.

I should have another post in a week or so about the Saxon “Raid” set, Saxon Dead and other updates. Plus, more pictures of each Viking Raider figure. I will start testing some of the bigger items now that I have the new machine working. Every month I will be adding something new. Check out the store page over here,

That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Mike, Robert Scaramuzzino here, I met you at the show in Gettysburg this year, I got the 1st deer set from you, thanks again by the way. My question is weather your Saxons can be printed in a 40 mm size for war gaming purposes?

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