The Latest News!! 05/14/2023 ~ MFCA 2023 Show Review Part 2, and some Hobby News.

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom out there. Today will finish the second part of the review for the MFCA 2023 Show. If you missed the first part you can read it over here, The Latest News!! 05/08/2023 ~ MFCA 2023 Show Review Part 1, and some Hobby News.

There were miniatures of all different scales. Some were 90mm in height and others were around 28mm. There was a vendor that had a bunch of tabletop gaming miniatures. The name of the store was Champion Gaming. You can check them out over here,

Not every vendor was selling hobby related items. There were a few selling historical related books. One was Aaron Elson. His Father served in World War II. While doing some research about his Father, he decided to write a book about him and other Veterans too. You can check out his website over here,

Next up is Hobby Bunker. They usually setup a mini store. From plastic toy soldiers, painted metal miniatures, hobby paints, models, 3d printed buildings, foam buildings, and hobby related magazines. They have it all.

Here are some more pictures from what Paul Amory was selling.

“SABOT Miniatures LLC specializes in miniatures, figures, paints accessories and books for the discerning scale modeler and figure painter. We carry a growing assortment of miniature, paint and accessory lines, many of which are not carried by anyone else in the United States. We were formerly SABOT Publications LLC, and produced 22 reference books on mostly modern United States military tanks and vehicles.” I grabbed that from their website. You check them out over here,

Here are some random pictures of different vendors, plus one of Scale 75 USA. I was trying to get back to take more pictures of the show and the competition. But I was too busy with the table. Scale 75 USA makes some nice paint and sets that I have gotten over the years. You can read more about them over here,

Here are some more pictures of from different artists of the competition area that I found on the internet.

We end the review at my table again. Saturday was slower for us most of the day. People would trickle in from the competition all day. Most of the collectors wandered to other vendors. Throughout the day a few people would take a look to check out what we were selling. I had a bunch of good talks throughout the day again. A Man named Allen stopped by a few times and told us he would stop by before he left. About a half hour before the show ended, he purchased the Blacksmith shop, the Potter shop, Viking Raider camp and a bunch of the bagged figure sets. It was a fun show. We will be back next year.

While at the show we picked up a few things. One of the nice things with the show besides looking for certain items, is talking to fellow collectors and vendors. One gentleman that was with his son, gave his raffle tickets to Carolyn. She was lucky enough to win an item through the raffle. She sent me to pick out an item that was on the table. This is what I chose for her.

I picked out a Conte Civil War set. The metal miniatures were hand painted. They represent the Texas Brigade flagbearers & a drummer from the Confederate Army. When we see him again, we have a gift for him.

Another gentleman that we meet was Arthur Etechells. He gave a set of plastic toy soldiers made by a company called BUM. The set is hard to find. It will be in my collection for a while. The funny thing is on the box it says “Tarzan, King of Apples…”. I was looking for a Pirate set that BUM had made for a while now. After the show I found one on eBay for $20. I will do a review of that in a future post.

Here are some of the things that I purchased from the show. I am always looking for books to help me with my research when designing the miniatures and accessories. I purchased two books about the French Armies of King Louis XV for $60 and two Osprey books for less than $25. The rest of the books I spent around $20. There was a couple to the left of us selling books. I had noticed a bunch of people throughout the two days taking a look at what they had. I wished I had taken a look the first day. The books were really cheap. Most of them were $2.00 to $5.00 a piece.

Here are some more pictures of the items that I got at Gettysburg. I had picked up some Barzso French Artillery figures the year before at the Midwest Show without the cannon. I figured I would use them with the metal cannons that I have. The cannon above is a Barzso 32 Pounder Cannon.

Here are 5 Barzso Naval Cannons. They are welcome addition to my forts.

Some Barzso Cannonade.

Barzso Major Pitcairn Character figure. He was missing the horse, so I am using one of my Warhorse horses for now. I will test out one of my other horses in the future for him. He looks good with the Warhorse British Grenadiers.

Here the Barzso Col. John Parker character figure.

Here are some mixed figures that I got in a bag. There are some American Civil War & Pirate theme miniatures. Most are Barzso. The figure with the top hat is by Replicants.

We will be in Virginia in about 3 weeks from now, Saturday June 3rd. I have never been to the Show in Annandale, titled as “Heart of the South” Show. Will will have our Warhorse resin miniatures, Barzso/LOD toy soldiers, some foam products and some things from my collections. Send me a message if you are going to the show and are looking for something in particular. On August 27th, we will return to Gettysburg for the second show they are doing this year. That is it for now. Thanks for reading.

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