East Coast Toy Soldier Show 2017 Review

This year at the annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show it was it’s 34th year. As usual I had a good time. I stormed in like Queek Headtaker, lol.

After I did a quick recon of the place. I quickly found some vintage Marx German toy soldiers that Mike Russo was selling. He had 45 dark grey Marx German soldiers for $30.00. Then I later got 40 light grey Marx German soldiers for $20.00 from Francis Turner of the Marx Toy Connection. Last year I was looking for Conte figures and this year I was looking for the new recast Barzso figures. I didn’t find any of the Barzso figures. Maybe next time……

A few years ago I purchased a boxed “Guns of Navarone” playset for $50, but it didn’t have the German soldiers. So now that problem is solved.  I also found a few other plastic figures, recast Marx Japanese figures, a metal cannon, 2 W. Britain “Wrath of the Northmen” figures and I re-joined the W. Britain fan club. Here are some pictures of the items that I got.

This year I noticed a few more vendors with vintage toys besides toy soldiers. There were some Warhammer miniatures, action figures, dolls, Playmobil, Fisher Price, Hess trucks. other vintage toys and some Military related items too.

After I finished searching the show, I got my camera and started taking pictures. One of the things I like about going to the shows is not all the vendors are toy dealers. Some of them are collectors or don’t sell over the internet. You never know what you might find at these shows. Then there are some unique vendors that either paint or create their own products. One of the first vendors that I started talking too after I finished searching was Mark Bell. He creates historical dioramas, check out his site Bell’s Dioramas in History

Another vendor that I came across was Josh. He is a big collector that comes to the show every year and sometimes to other toy shows in Pennsylvania. He had a lot of vintage Marx figures and some other brands too.

Besides seeing some the vendors I know, I get a chance to see some of the other collectors. Paul Stadinger of Stad’s Stuff is one of them. Paul was there as a collector and a blogger like me. He should have a blog post about the show too. I spent a few minutes talking to him and his wife Laurie. Here is a picture of Laurie, Paul and me.


Another vendor was Mike Russo. He used to have a store in East Stroudsburg, PA. I used to go there a few times a year and now I see him once a year at the show.

Mike Russo

W. Britain was also was there. I took the time to sign up for the collectors club again.

Here are a few more pictures from different vendors.

One of my favorite vintage toy dealers to see Rick Eber of Rick Eber’s Marx Playsets. He always has something interesting to see. If your looking for that hard to find item, Rick might have it.

Another vintage dealer was George’s Toy Chest. They had some nice items for sale.

Another vintage dealer that I got some items from was the Marx Toy Connection.

Another vendor that had some cool items was Mark Mcdermott.

Another of my favorite vendors is John Stengel Jr of Marx-Man. He has a lot of vintage figures. Either loose figures or in bags, plus sets and playsets. They usually have something that I am looking for. Also John does produce limited run figures. He might have some new sets next year. Hopefully will see some Normans, Saxons and maybe some WWII Germans.

Here are some more pictures from different dealers.

Michael D Roberto is the guy to go to if your interested in Hess Trucks. The Hess Toy Truck Encyclopedia

Doug Dearth does some really nice art work. You should check out his historical based art at Dearthco.net.

Here are a few of the main vendors that come to most of the shows on the east coast. George Guerriero  of Minutemen Toy Soldiers always has the some of the nicest displays of painted metal toy soldiers. He also has some vintage or hard to find plastic figures too. I picked up some W. Britain figures from him and recast Marx Japanese figures at the show.

Treefrog Treasures Military Miniatures has a nice selection of painted metal figures at the shows.

Crown Military Miniatures is another dealer of painted metal figures. They usually have a lot of John Jenkins figures available.

One of my other favorite dealers is Hobby Bunker. They usually have plenty of both plastic and painted metal figures.

There were plenty of other dealers at the show worth coming to see. Bill Longo did a good job again. After I spent the first hour and a half searching for items, I came back to gather information on the show. Some dealers I missed just because of time. The ones that I did do my review on are ones that I have dealt with in the past or have had positive interactions with.

I am going to try to put together another post in a few weeks about WWII Japanese plastic toy soldiers. That is it for now. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

W. Britain ~ Wrath of the Northmen ~ Fall 2017

Wrath of The Northmen

With the Chicago Toy Soldier Show coming soon, I have been thinking what new things I will try to pick up later this year. At the Chicago show most of the Toy Soldier companies preview or release their new items. One thing that I know for sure is that I will get some of W. Britain “Wrath of the Northmen” figures. The figures in this line seem to get better with each new one released. I was able to get the limited edition figures, they are awesome to say the least. Here are a few pictures of them, 62126 – “Brimir” Viking Attacker – Academy Games Exclusive and 62127 – “Werian” Saxon Defender – Academy Games Exclusive. I took them with a Barzso Cottage.



Here is Saxon leader that is one of their Collector Club figures.

50073C – Wrath of the Northmen – Acwellen, Saxon Warlord


Here are some figures that are out now or will be out soon.

Saxon Archer #1 Arrow Nocked (Recene) 62123 W. Britain


Saxon Archer #2 Arrow Loosed (Osfirth) 62128 W. Britain


Saxon Archer #3 Arrow Loosed (Scotend) 62129 W. Britain


Saxon Advancing with Sword (Kenway) 62130 W. Britain


Here are some new figures that I hope will be out by the end of the year or early next year.


Saxon Shield Wall Defender (Seaver) 62124 W. Britain

Viking with Raven Banner (Arnlaug) 62131 W. Britain


Viking Advancing Blowing Horn (Arnljot) 62132 W. Britain

Viking Attacking with Sword and Axe (Brandr) 62133 W. Britain


That is it for now, the next few weeks should be exciting. I will be at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show in October and will do an article on that.

WTF? New finds, The Workshop, News on Barzso, Publius, and W. Britain for May 2017

Hi everyone, this month I am starting something new and hope to do this every month. It’s my WTF, lol. This new feature will focus on any news, new things I found or updates on projects that I am working on. 

The Find

Here are some of the things I found on eBay and a few different places that I went to like garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and some antique stores.

Sheet Music

I also collect old sheet music, mainly the military themed sheet music. Here is an old E.T. Paull piece that I got for $5.

Here is some metal painted medieval figures that I got on ebay for about $50. I think they are from Russia. They are painted really nice and go well with my Conte and W. Britain medieval figures.

Here are some Britain Robin Hood figures that I picked up for about $15.

Here is a lot of old toy soldiers that I got for about $10, most of it broken parts or figures that are missing something. 


The Workshop


From The Workshop, here are some things that I am working on. I had some time off and started painting again, some Conte and Publius figures. I am going to send most of the summer painting figures and not picking up too many things. Also I am going to start crafting some new items, I just got to think of what I want to make for both the miniatures and Playmobil. I still have a cottage to finish, some vikings ships that need to be customized for the miniatures and Playmobil. Ugh……..


I trying a new way to paint my figures, so far so good. I primed the figures black, and then started the flesh areas. Next the uniforms or clothing. I always try something different to see if I can do better with my painting. I hope to have this guys finish by the end of June. I am working with 4 base colors for the clothing with this batch. I am trying new ways to speed up the process, so far I spent a couple hours painting these over different days.

The Latest News

Here is some news this month about the hobby. What is going on with Barzso?? I noticed this other day on the Barzso website.


There have been rumors about Barzso Playsets shutting down the past couple of years. I still hope they stay around, in some form. It’s a sad day, we shall see….


Here are some new figures from Publius, they go for around $99 for 12 figures. “The Battle of Kulikovo 1380 ” (Russian Knights vs. Golden Horde) 1\32 scale. They are really nice, but I will skip this batch. It is just to much money, and it is not a die hard piece that I need. 



Here are some of the latest figures from the Wrath of the Northmen series from W. Britain. I will be getting these figures for my collection. I have most of the Saxons and some of the Vikings from this series. I will stick to this line of paint metal figures. For the price and the way they look, they are my favorite. One day I will do a post on this series.

Shield Wall1


Well that is it for now, I wrap it up with this picture of a shieldwall. One day I will make a custom figure or more likely some type of Franken-figure of different parts of figures to make a new one.

In other news, I will have a few pictures of Replicants Saxons and there new Comanches. Plus some pictures of some old Atlantic figures that I had picked up lately.

And whatever I find in my basement, lol. The other day I started re-organizing my “stuff”, I am going through things and trying to make some room for new shelves so I have everything organized. I started finding things that I forgot I had or every purchased, lol. Some things I will get rid of, since I had to start downsizing a little. Anyway, I am starting to babble. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Toy Soldier Preview ~ W. Britain Saxon Archers

Greetings again my friends, Thanks for stopping by. As the holidays approach us, I am taking a break from working on most of my projects. I am re-organizing my storage space and display area, and I shall start working on my projects next year. Right now I am going to pick up a few things here and there and plan for the future. Anyway, I have an update on some of the latest W. Britain Saxon figures today. Here are some of the Saxon archers that should be out in December. I can’t wait until next year to see what they have planned for the medieval range.