Toy Soldier Preview ~ W. Britain Saxon Archers

Greetings again my friends, Thanks for stopping by. As the holidays approach us, I am taking a break from working on most of my projects. I am re-organizing my storage space and display area, and I shall start working on my projects next year. Right now I am going to pick up a few things here and there and plan for the future. Anyway, I have an update on some of the latest W. Britain Saxon figures today. Here are some of the Saxon archers that should be out in December. I can’t wait until next year to see what they have planned for the medieval range. 



2 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Preview ~ W. Britain Saxon Archers

  1. Awesome figures Mike, great detailed ones. I love the WB range. A great inspiration. Some good ideas come to my mind. Thank you for sharing. See you in the next post. Regards

    • Thanks again, Jose. Right now I getting ready for the holidays. I put the figures that I was painting away for now. I going to prime some figures today and put them away for now too, until after the holidays. I am going to set up the tree and setup a display around it. Most likely my Playmobil Train and some sort of western themed display.

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