Warhorse Miniatures 3D Figures

Thank you for visiting my website to learn about our new 3D printed miniatures. Starting this fall they will be available for sale. I will have a display of all our current products & some prototypes at the Columbus Toy Soldier Show on October 17th, http://www.mwtoysoldier.com/Shows.html.

Our focus in the beginning will be on late Dark Age /Early Medieval Age periods. Come join us as we build an Anglo-Saxon village. It will be filled with houses, craftsmen and their shops. Peasants performing their daily tasks of gathering, harvesting crops, hunting, building and one day defending themselves against the heathens…

Right now we are planning to have a few different Saxon peasant sets, a couple of different houses, a couple of different craftsmen with their shops and a Viking Raider camp available this fall. Plus there will be add-ons like fencing, animal type shelters and supplies. Products will be available as sets or can be purchased separate. I will get into the pricing once we know the cost of the different resins we are going to use.

17 thoughts on “Warhorse Miniatures 3D Figures

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  7. Eddiewellman89@gmail.com.thank God and you for seeing and responding.this is not the female,she was Raquel wealch as hannie caulder where she is pointing her gun,however I do thank you for showing me three figures because I will be sending for them as soon as I can get my son to send you my order.like I said I still don’t know some of the simple things but I am trying,but thank God for people like you because of people like you makes me still believe that there are still wonderful people in this greedridden hate driven world.i hope that you can let me know if you can find me the hannie caulder Raquel wealch figure .I think that it was in a news letter or someone just showing their talents,still I would be so happy just to have one.i hope that I haven’t waited too late. I am very thankful for finding someone like you and if you have other western figures,buildings,anything that I can afford even if I have to do without something else.this brings me joy and takes me away from my depression and feeling like the only thing that I am waiting for is the grave because I just don’t have much tt look forward to .but now I am greatful for you.sorry that I have taken up so much of your time so I will close by saying God bless you and yours and I hope that you get this because you are I hope to be my friend,bless you,Eddie


    • Hi again, Eddie. I remember the movie. But don’t know of any figures that were made. Maybe it was some custom figure that was made? I remember a Clint Eastwood custom figure being made at one point. But it was a seller on eBay. I will post something about this in my next post. Take Care for now, Mike.

  8. Do you allow people with toy soldiers to sell on your website? I have two sets of Mignot soldiers – Medieval French archers and Napoleonic era Imperial Russian soldiers firing muskets that I would like to sell. Please call or email me. My phone number is 724-968-8860. I have sold soldiers and other toys at the Gettysburg show. Please advise. Thank you, Frank Wakely

    • I sell off things that I come across or don’t need in my collection usually at shows these days. Sometimes I might have some plastic WWII toy soldiers. Are you looking for anything in particular? I’ll see if I have it.

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