Toy Soldiers Review ~ Publius Vikings


Last week I finally picked up some of the Russian made Publius Vikings. I got sets number 2 and 3. I missed out on the first set, because at the time I didn’t want to spend the money to get these. They cost about $50.00 for six figures, it is expensive. But then I started collecting different Viking figures after First Legion came out with the Viking Range. So I have been picking up First Legion Vikings, W. Britain Saxons, Conte Vikings, Saxons & Normans and Barzso Robin Hood Merry Men. Plus all kinds of other brands of medieval type figures. But more of this for future posts.

When I saw the Publius Viking Set #3 on eBay, I took the plunge and purchased that set and #2 set also. They are sculpted really good and go well with Conte, First Legion and W. Britain figures. I took a few pictures and found some stock pictures from around the net to post here. I will do another post either tomorrow or Saturday comparing the different figures that I am collecting and painting to show how well they go together. Thanks for reading 🙂

Publius Viking Set #2






Publius Viking Set # 3






Here are some different brands of Vikings figures together with Publius to show how the look together. I will do another post showing both plastic and metal Viking figures together. 


And a few more stock pictures.


Set # 3


Set # 2


Set # 1, which I don’t have 🙁

2 thoughts on “Toy Soldiers Review ~ Publius Vikings

  1. These Russians figures looks very well. Great molds and casting. The figures are perfect to increase your Viking Army. Great details. There are not cheap, but they are a beautiful addition to your collection. I hope you will find the set one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks again Jose, yes they look nice and I will post some more pictures later today showing different brands of Medieval figures together show how they look with each other. I like half of the figures from set # 1, half look a little stiff. Each set has gotten better.

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