Toy Soldier Preview ~ Pvblivs Saxons

Well it looks like 2017 will be the a good year for Saxon Medieval collectors, first Britain and now Pvblivs has released something new. You get a set of 6 Saxon figures in some nice action poses. I like the different type of Saxon headgear, some nice helmets and a classic Saxon hat. Plus the different shields and at last a nice looking Seax. The Saxons were famous for fighting with the Seax, a long knife. One figure is fighting with this knife and at least one other figure has the Seax in it’s sheath. My Pvblivs Vikings were starting to feel lonely, glad they released these 6 new figures.  You can find them on ebay from a couple of different sellers for about $50.00. These figures are 1/32 in scale. I will take some pictures when I get them to show how the look with other figures. I also finally found a Conte Saxon metal painted set. Looks like 2017 will be a Saxon year.








2 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Preview ~ Pvblivs Saxons

  1. Wow! They are great figures and plastic. You have many interesting characters to your project. I hope to see them hand painted soon. I am very happy to read you.

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