Toy Soldier Preview ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

Hi again, here are the latest figures from Engineer Basevich. This set is based on Early Slavs / Russian Warriors of the Kievan Rus. There are 12 poses and the details on these figures are excellent. I like the different action poses and some of these figures can be used as other dark age cultures. A lot of Engineer Basevich’s other sets are based on Russian history . They are about 1/30 in scale, and mix well with Conte, and Barzso or other figures that are 1/30 in scale or around 56mm. I am going to use some of these figures as Saxons and now I’m thinking of doing some type of Slavic display one day too. The Dark Ages is one of my favorite periods of history to research and I hope Engineer Basevitch comes out with more figures.

You can find these figures right now on ebay from this seller for $54.90.  New !!! Bassevich Early Slavs / Russian Warriors. Plastic 1/32 toy soldiers.

You see more of Engineer Basevich on FB on this page  TOY SOLDIERS ENGINEER BASEVICH


Enginner Basevich Slav and Barzso Merry Man


Jecsan Viking and Enginner Basevich Slav


Conte Viking and Enginner Basevich Slav

Slav2Knyaz Sviatoslav of Kiev

Knyaz Sviatoslav of Kiev

Slav1Olga of Kiev

Olga of Kiev


Pagan Priest (Volkhv)


4 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Preview ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

  1. Hi Mike, What a marvelous set! Amazing sculpting work. I love the lady and the druid. The figures can be beautiful Viking warriors. The axes, swords, spears are very accurate. A great discovery! Russian sculptors have a great level. I hope they will make some more interesting sets. Thank you very much for sharing. I also discover your “Reino Negro” link, great place!!. Thanks!!! Best regards.

  2. Thanks Jose, yes Engineer Basevich makes some nice sets. I like anything about the Dark Ages, so the Early Slav set is great for me. I hope to they make some other sets, like Finns or Danes in the future. Reino Negro has some nice customs too.

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