Toy Soldier Review ~ Publius Saxons

I did a preview on these figures a few months ago, and recently got these delivered after I ordered from ebay. They are a welcome addition to my collection, Saxons are not to common compared to the number of Viking figures you can get. The only problem with these figures are the cost, which is more than I like to spend. But as a collector, I had to get these. Hopefully I will be able to paint these sometime before the summer, after I finish painting some of these Conte figures and other Publius Viking figures. But when I do, I will have a post on that. Ok, you can check out the pictures below to see the detail of the figures, they are excellent. Also see how they look with some Conte plastic and metal figures. These are about 1/30 in scale and go for about $49.99.





2 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Review ~ Publius Saxons

  1. Awesome review, Mike. Great sculpting work and great poses. I love the weapons and the wearable. They fit very well with the rest of your warriors. A great addition to your collection. They are beautiful figures.

  2. Thanks Jose, I hope they have some new sets in the future. I should be getting some other medieval type figures soon and next month. Some old figures and some new figures, should be a good year.

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