Latest News!! New Figures & Projects.

I would like to wish all my collector friends from around the world a Happy New Year. I hope I will see some new figures or playsets at the Toy Soldier shows this spring or at least by the end of the year. Barzso Playsets might release some new figure sets or have some old figure sets back in stock in the near future. We shall see in time. 

There was a bunch of new products that came out the last few months of the year. Mainly from X-Force and Russian makers. Paul from the Stad’s Stuff page has reported most of these sets already. I will show a few pictures of some of these sets that I found either on the company website or ebay.

Today on ebay I saw a limited edition Publius Viking for $14.99!!

Expeditionary Force keeps producing new figures about every other month it seems. Last year they started releasing Napoleonic Wars figure sets. They also branched out to the War of 1812. Some of the British figures could be used for both Wars. The Highlander figures had different Uniforms at the Battle of New Orleans than they did at the Battle of Waterloo. For me it is not a big deal if everything is not exact. These sets are going for about $32.50. Here are a few pictures.


British Highlanders

British Line Infantry

  British Royal Marines

American Militia

Also last year there was a bunch of Vietnam related sets from different companies like Mars and TSSD. But the best so far have be made by the Russian company called Plastic Platoon. So far they have released 3 different American sets. They are going for around $55 to $60 or so on ebay. Hobby Bunker has Plastic Platoon figures also. Here are a few pictures of the American Vietnam forces. 

25th Infantry Division

1st Cavalry Division

US Marines


Another Russian company is Chintoys that start releasing sets of Napoleonic Officer sets and now US Civil War Officer sets. I saw some of the mounted sets on ebay today. They are going for about $50 for each set. Here are some pictures.



Here are a group of Medieval figures that are made by another Russian company called Warhansa. The set of Knights & Sergeants includes 5 different figures for $32. I think these are the best sculpted toy soldiers they have made to date. 


Inzhener Basevich released some new figure sets based on the Russo-Japanese War. One set for each side. They are really nice, but are priced around $60.

The most common thing about all these new figures is the price. The cost of plastic Toy Soldiers have gone up so much the last few years. These are collectors prices and not prices for “Toys”, which is what the hobby of Toy Soldiers have become. It is for Adults now and made for a collection. Not as toys that we used to get when were kids. I remember going to the store and getting a set of Airfix toy soliders for less that $4.00. And now you cannot even get one figure for that price!

I ordered some new Playmobil parts and will start making some new customs soon. Besides that I will be finishing some other projects that I have been working on for a while.

5 thoughts on “Latest News!! New Figures & Projects.

  1. There are some amazing figures here. A great gift for collectors. The Viking one is great, a perfect add on in a Viking raid diorama. The 1812 (1815) figures are superb. The best British troops I ever see, even better than Barszo. If I could, I would collect them. Using the French cavalry… What a wonderful square attack diorama!

    The Vietnam soldiers are beautiful, great poses. Russia has become in a great factory for “rare” toy soldiers. They have great sculptors. The ACW staff cavalry sets are great, even to conversions or changes. All the sets are beautiful. I think they are not “cheap”, but it is not a toy and many people need them to finish or add on their armies or dioramas. New figures, new possibilities, new periods… What more can we ask?

    Waiting for your new Playmobil customized figures. Thank you for sharing it. Best regards.

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