Crowdfunding * Hat 1/32 Seven Years War Austrians

A few days ago I was reading about Hat Toy Soldiers at the Hobby Bunker forum. They have a few polls about figures in 1/32 scale. They are now trying to produce few sets of  Seven Years War Austrians by having a crowdfunding. These sets deserve to be made. I hope they get enough support to make this happen.

A few years ago I purchased about 10 boxes of the Seven Years War Prussians. The Prussians are really nice and are very hard to find these days. I have been using these guys as Hessian troops to go with my Barzso American Revolution figures.




Here are some digitized samples of the Seven Year War Austrians below.


 Set A – Fusiliers



Set B – Grenadiers


Set C – Command


The sets look really nice. I have been waiting a long time to add some more Soldiers that could be used as British or French Soldiers for the French & Indian War. You can build a nice army with few boxes of these guys. So head over to the crowdfunding page and order a few boxes so they will release these sets this time. Maybe we will see some British or French Infantry in the future?


Here is the link to the crowdfunding page, 1/32 7YW Austrians



I found some more pictures, these figures look like some of Hat’s best work in this the 1/32 scale.

4 thoughts on “Crowdfunding * Hat 1/32 Seven Years War Austrians

  1. Thank you for sharing. The digital design is amazing. I wonder if they use ZBRUSH. You can do anything you want using that kind of programs and a 3D printer. Seven Years War is a great period, the last “pike & musket” aventure. I hope they will find the money to make it possible. Best regards.

    • Hi, Jose. How have you been? I think they will give enough time to try and get the funding for this project. About 3 months, I hope it is funded by the end of the month. These figures would go nicely with the Barzso American Revolution figures too. They look good as Hessian mercenaries.

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