Vintage Plastic ~ Atlantic 2160 German A.A. Gun-Flakvierling 38 1/32 Scale

Here is Atlantic set 2160. The German A.A. Gun-Flakvierling 38 in 1/32 Scale. I picked this up the other day for about $5.00. There are a few missing pieces, but most of it is here. It is an interesting set. The plastic from this set has become fragile over the years. One part broke off when I touched it. I never had this problem with any other Atlantic sets. It might just be the way it was stored.

Atlantic German Flakvierling 38 1

Atlantic German Flakvierling 38 6

Last year I found some Atlantic Bison figures at the Gettysburg Show, which in on April 29th Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2018