Vintage Plastic ~ Atlantic 2160 German A.A. Gun-Flakvierling 38 1/32 Scale

Here is Atlantic set 2160. The German A.A. Gun-Flakvierling 38 in 1/32 Scale. I picked this up the other day for about $5.00. There are a few missing pieces, but most of it is here. It is an interesting set. The plastic from this set has become fragile over the years. One part broke off when I touched it. I never had this problem with any other Atlantic sets. It might just be the way it was stored.

Atlantic German Flakvierling 38 1

Atlantic German Flakvierling 38 6

Last year I found some Atlantic Bison figures at the Gettysburg Show, which in on April 29th Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2018

2 thoughts on “Vintage Plastic ~ Atlantic 2160 German A.A. Gun-Flakvierling 38 1/32 Scale

  1. H.i Mike:
    Good interview with Richard Conte. Good questions, and good accompanying photos.
    I think I missed you at the Indiana show. Would have liked to meet you. I just retired from Michigan a year ago, and my wife & I moved to central Indiana — the small farming community of Hagerstown, about 50 miles east of Indianapolis. May I inquire as to what state you yourself reside in? I see that you are a regular attendee at the Gettysburg show.

    Don Perkins

  2. Hi Don, thanks for the comments about the Interview. I am trying to record the current events. And promote the hobby to collectors and future collectors. I live in Pennsylvania. Born in NYC, NY. I am not to far from Allentown, close to Paul from Stad’s. I can’t wait to retire, I have about another 7 & 1/2 years to go. Yes, I like the Gettysburg show, it’s about 2 & 1/2 hours away. I like John Stengel Jr and am trying to help him to promote the show, since he has no web presence. John Stengel Sr and Paul from Stad’s are the ones that got me back into collecting.

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