Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2018 Review

The show started out great but then the power went out. Because of some accident, the power in the surrounding area of the Eisenhower Hotel was shut down. After the lights went out it was like a rummage sale. Collector’s using the light on their cell phones or small flashlights start searching the different vendors wares.


I usually take a lot of pictures and then add links to their websites or give out information to contact them with supporting pictures. But I was unable to get that many pictures. So I will just write up a some summery about the show and include some pictures that I did take. 


I did say it start out good, at least for me. I went to the show looking for some World War II plastic figures. I was looking for mainly Conte American figures. I didn’t find those but I did pickup Conte WWII British Paratroopers and German Infantry. I also found some Conte Saxons, Vikings and Normans. I then got some Austin & TSSD Marines and TSSD GIs. Lastly I found some Barzso Indians and British Grenadiers.


The thing I like about the shows is that sometimes there are boxes of figures to go through. I wanted a bunch of marching poses of the American Revolution Grenadiers without buying a bunch of sets to just get those poses.

I have an update from Michael Tiemann. He had some pictures to share before the lights went out. He found a Marx firehouse from Rick Eber. 



Even though the lights went out I had a great time. That is because I don’t go to the shows to look for rare items or bargains. But to also talk to fellow collectors, vendors and the owners. In that regard it was great. I also continued to search with out the lights and found some deals. 


I talked to John Stengel Jr about what he was working on. He said that he should have the World War II German Paratroopers for the Chicago Show. And maybe the Civil War Marchers too. The medieval sets should be available next year. Those sets are of Vikings, Saxons, Normans and a catapult set. I am looking forward to seeing those sets.


It was a good mixture of vintage & new plastic and painted metal sets. Plus at this show, there are some vendors & collectors from the local area that don’t have websites to sell there items. 

Some of the vendors/collectors that I talked to were John from John’s Collectibles, Steve Connell, Doug Whalen, Calvin Plowman, and Larry Ciccorolli. These are the guys that have the sets that nobody else has.

I am going to setup a new page, just for the little guys that do so much for the hobby of toy soldiers. This page will give some information about contacting them or the shows that they might be attending. Also a little information on what they might have or type of products they have. 

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    • Yes, me too. I like it because it is not to big that you get burnt out before finishing looking. I also find something that I am looking for and somethings that I wasn’t, It’s also a good mix of plastic and metal.

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