Latest News! October 1st, 2018. New Previews from Petite Guerre, . Vintage Blue Box, Cherilea. Timpo and ?? Plastic Plains Indians.

Canadian Militia1

Earlier this year I did an interview with Nino Serra the owner of Petite Guerre. Toy Soldier Review & Interview ~ Petite Guerre Toy Soldiers & Nino Serra 

If you’re a fan of Barzso Playset you will also like Petite Guerre. His resin figures mix very well with Barzso figures. Nino sent me a message about some of the latest figures that he is working on. He is working on some Scottish Highlanders and Canadian Militia at this time. I like the prototypes. I will order some when they become available.  

Here are some of the new Canadian Militia.

PG Highlander7


Here is the preview of the Scottish Highlander.


Mars Pirates

Over at Stad’s Stuff Paul did has a preview of a set of Pirates from Mars. They look very nice. I would say probably their best work to date.

Vintage Plains Indians1

I did a post a few months ago and had a few pictures of vintage western plastic Cowboys & Indians. I have purchased some more vintage plastic figures over the months since my other post. 

Vintage Plains Indians8

Vintage Plains Indians

I don’t know who made most of these figures. I stumble across figures from time to time that I have never seen before from Europe. Most of the time they are very expense or the shipping is way too much for me. So I wait for a good deal to come. These figures are 1/32 in scale. The Indian Chief with the rifle across his chest is made by Timpo.

I was told by Erwin Sell that “They were made by Dom and also Linde from Germany and Austria who often base poses in Elastolin but not direct copies.”


Vintage Plains Indians15Vintage Plains Indians16

Here are some U.S. Cavalry figures by Cherilea.

Vintage Plains Indians17

Vintage Plains Indians21

Here are some Plains Indians in 1/32 scale that were made by Cherilea. I found a complete mounted Chief with the spear. The other figure I had was missing the spear.

Here is a Indian figure on an Airfix horse. Do you know who made this figure?

Here are some pictures where I try to catch the details of the faces. I have some more figures coming in the next few weeks and will talk about them in another post.

Blue Box Indians

I stumbled across these Indians too. The are labeled Blue-Box. They look nice and are about the same size of the Airfix Plains Indians. They used some wild colors to paint them though.

Blue Box Indians1Blue Box Indians1a

Blue Box Indians7Blue Box Indians8

Here are the pictures of the Blue-Box and Airfix Indians comparison.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Latest News! October 1st, 2018. New Previews from Petite Guerre, . Vintage Blue Box, Cherilea. Timpo and ?? Plastic Plains Indians.

  1. Wonderful putty work with the Petite Guerre figures, I love them. The pirates look great they get the Treasure Island look. I like the lady one, it is in the Conte way. Please stop with the Plains Indians! Custer has not any opportunity, lol. Regards

    • Thanks for stopping by Jose. Custer should have brought those Gatling guns, lol.

      I look forward to see what is next for Petite Guerre. I am going to pick up these new figures when they are available.

      It seems like every few months something new comes out. I hope that this pirates are about the same size as the Barzso pirates.

  2. Hi Mike, Erwin has got it wrong about your indians, non of them are by Dom or Linde although some of them do have a similar style so I’m not surprised he was mistaken, they’re not copies of Elastolin either. The chief in shawl with rifle is as you say Timpo, he comes from the first series of one piece figures which were never reissued. The mounted chief firing rifle that you’ve put on an Airfix horse is by Crescent, all the rest were made in the late 1950’s by a minor English maker VP, the mounted chief shielding his eyes came on a prancing horse which was a copy of the Elastolin composition indian horse.
    Best wishes, Brian

    • Thank you for the information Brian. I am a novice when it comes to vintage figures. I picked up these figures from the US, England, Germany and Latvia the past few months while searching for some more Timpo solid Indians. Thanks again, Mike.

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