The Latest News!!! 12-08-2019 ~ News & Reviews ~ Mars French Old Guard, Conte Romans & LOD Santa’s Workshop.

In this blog post I have a couple of updates and a review. The first update I got today about Mars from Sergey. 

Mars Old Guard2

Mars French1Mars French2Mars French3Mars French5Mars French4

Mars French6Mars French7

Here are some photos of the Mars French Old Guard set. These are 1/32 in scale. The should be available soon in the USA. They are on eBay from an Ukraine Seller. I wonder how they will compare to the Airfix Napoleonic Figures?



“Somewhat better photos of the first test shots. A couple figures standing closer to how they were designed.”


Conte Romans are getting closer to production. Here are some test shots from the molds. Richard said that they are close to being finished. They need a little more work.


Santa Workshop

Santa Workshop1Santa Workshop2Santa Workshop3Santa Workshop4Santa Workshop5Santa Workshop5a

I purchased the LOD Santa’s Workshop a few weeks ago. It is a Christmas novelty. The year before I had purchased some of the Santa sets that had the sled and elves. 

Santa Workshop6Santa Workshop7Santa Workshop8Santa Workshop9Santa Workshop10Santa Workshop11Santa Workshop12Santa Workshop13Santa Workshop14Santa Workshop15

The Santa Workshop is a big house. It comes in two parts. It also makes a good place to store the Christmas toys 😉 These Christmas sets are really nice. I use them around the house for displays. The have that vintage look to them. I will be using these for many years to come. You can go over the LOD website to see all North Pole sets,


Hasbro Commander BlyHasbro Sith Trooper

Hasbro officially revealed two more of the 6″ Black Series figures yesterday at Comic-Con Dortmond: Clone Commander Bly and the Sith Jet Trooper. 

Warhorse Miniatures

This concludes another blog post. Thank you for reading.


5 thoughts on “The Latest News!!! 12-08-2019 ~ News & Reviews ~ Mars French Old Guard, Conte Romans & LOD Santa’s Workshop.

  1. Ah yes! Are the Mars Imperial guard figures finally there! Hope they will be soon available in UK and Europe since they only have been on the future release pages here 🙂

    Thanks for the post and heads up!

    All the best,


    • Hi Stan. Yes, I know they have been in development for a while now. They have different sculptors and methods to develop the toy soldiers. I guess these type of figures take longer. The Winter War Finns should be out in February. I can’t wait to see those. Take Care. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Do you know if these are the finals? The axe of the Sapper, for example, looks like it’s one big production fail.. Same for the carabine that is on his body like its part of his uniform.Yikes! Quite some mistakes, I hope they turn out to be nice in the end! The painted figures on the box look so crispy! Hope these are not the final results…

    • I assume that these are the Test Shots from the mold. The owner of Mars sent them to me. I guess we shall see soon. I saw them on eBay already, just he box art though. No pictures of the actually figures. They have been getting better with their designs lately. But I think this is what this set will look like. Hope is the first step towards disappointment…

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