The Latest News!! 02/12/2023 ~ Toy Soldier Shows, Warhorse Miniatures French & Indian War updates.

Hi everyone. It is already February and soon it will be spring. Which means Toy Soldier Shows. In my last post we learned that the Chicago Toy Solider show is cancelled this year, and maybe forever. So, if you like the show, then try to make it to ones that are still around. In about two weeks from now is the West Coast Toy Soldier show. If you are near California, then this is the show for you. There will be room trading on February 24th & 25th. The show is one the 26th.

The past few months I have been working on some new sets. All of them are based on the French & Indian War. They should be in production in a week or so. The miniatures are 1/32 in scale or around 54mm. The were made to be the around the same size as the Barzso playset toy soldiers. All these sets were made to be used in the Battle of Monongahela.

The first new set is called “French Canadian & Woodland Indian Raiding Party”. French-Canadian raiding parties made up of
Indians and Militia, stormed across the mountains and attacked farms and small towns in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, causing thousands of
deaths. The set includes 9 miniatures, 1 French Marine officer, 4 Canadian militia and 4 Woodland Indians. This set will cost $54.00.

The next set is titled “Ottawa Indian War Party”. The Ottawa were part of a long-term alliance, called the Council of Three Fires, with the Ojibwe and Potawatomi, who had shared or similar language, manners, and customs. These three tribes fought the Iroquois Confederacy and the Dakota people. They were also enemies with the Wyandot because of their ties to the Iroquois. They were allied with the French against the British. The set includes 8 Ottawa Indian warriors in 8 different poses. The scale is also 1/32 or around 54mm. The price for this set is $48.00.

The last set is titled “On the Warpath”. The ‘war path’ was the literal ‘path to war‘ taken by native Americans when travelling to an enemy’s territory to engage in battle. This set includes 8 different Woodland Indians. 1/32 in scale or around 54mm. The price for this set is $48.00.

Over the next few months, I will try to release one or two new sets that will also be related to the French & Indian War. That is it for now. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Latest News!! 02/12/2023 ~ Toy Soldier Shows, Warhorse Miniatures French & Indian War updates.

  1. Dear Mike
    I really like the look of the new Odawa figures, really great work. I’d like to get them but I am a bit concerned about the stability of rensin figures. The Barzso figures I had before broke very easily. Can you say anything about the material you use?
    Kind regards, Bruno

    • I will have that out next month or a couple of weeks. They will be around 57mm in size, around the same size as the Conte or W. Britain toy soldiers. I just released some Woodland Indians, but they are around 54mm.

      • Ah I see, I just thought the skraeling was a chieftain or something, but I won’t complain if their is a whole unit more. P.S. I love American Indian anything.

      • The term Skraeling was used by the “Vikings”. They were primitive native Americans during the 11th century. It was a side project that I had started and then I just moved into 18th Woodland Indians. I might do another figure for that set if I have the time. These figures could also be used for later settings.

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