The Latest News!! 03/20/2023 ~ Toy Soldier Shows, NJ, Midwest & MFCA and some updates.

I took a break yesterday from the 3d printing and went to a local toy soldier show not too far from me. The show was located in Wayne, N.J. I have never been to this show.

I got to the show about 20 minutes after the doors opened. There was around 100 people there when I got there. I left around 11am and there still was around the same number of people still there.

As I walked around the show, I noticed that about 75% of the vendors were selling painted metal toy soldiers from different eras. There were some displays setup to pick loose figures to buy.

Here is a layout of Del Prado figures.

A few vendors had used die cast vehicles for sale.

Other vendors had dimestore type toy soldiers.

One of the vendors is spin casting metal miniatures from some old molds that he had purchased the rights to. I think some of these were Sanderson miniatures.

The first vendor against the wall was Hobby Bunker. Matt had all the tables in the first aisle. He had everything, painted metal figures, metal vehicles, plastic toy soldiers, 3d printed & foam buildings, and some books & magazines.

There were some vendors with models and military related toys.

Besides Hobby Bunker, there was a few other vendors with new painted metal figures.

Like I said earlier above there was a lot of painted metal toy soldiers. Here are some older types that different vendors had for sale.

Gary Green was setup with all his boxed plastic soldier sets from different brands in different scales. There were a few other vendors that had some vintage plastic toy soldiers.

There was one vendor that had some nice painted metal toy soldiers, books and artwork.

Another vendor that had a nice selection of old Cherilea painted metal toy soldiers. I do not collect old painted metal figures, but I do have some. Once in a while I find them in the wild cheap and will pick them up. They have a certain charm to them.

Here are the things that I did buy at the show. I was not really looking for anything in particular but was happy to find the World War II Chinese toy soldiers. They were made by 21st Century. These are hard to find. I have a few other sets. Maybe someone will make some new WWII Chinese toy soldiers one day… I also picked up a couple of books for reference and some toy soldier magazines.

All in all, it was a nice show. I will look into attend some of the other shows that Ed Gries promotes as a vendor. The next show is on June 3rd. I am looking into setting up a table for that one.

Talking about future toy shows, later on this week there is one in Lafayette, Indiana. This Friday the 24th the room trading starts and then continues on Saturday. One Sunday the actual show takes place. I will not be attending this year but will return for 2024. It is a great show. For more information go to their website, Midwest Toy Soldier Show (

Here are some protypes of the British Grenadiers and Regular Infantry. I have made a few adjustments, but the model is basically done. I will now work on a few more poses and another model. So hopefully by May I should have a few different sets available. The models are based on the 44th & 48th Regiments of Foot that took part in the Battle of the Monongahela in 1755. I will start mixing some resin too see if I can find a nice red color. They will be 1/32 in scale, 54mm or about the same size as the Barzso miniatures. Later on, I will scale them to match the W. Britian and John Jenkins figures.

The next show I will attend is on April 23rd in Gettysburg. I will have my latest resin sets with me. Plus, some of the LOD/Barzso resin miniatures for sale.

After Gettysburg, I will attend the MFCA show in May. In the next post I should have more information about my latest sets and plans. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I always enjoy your newsletters. I look forward to seeing the figures you wind up making in a size to match Britains and John Jenkins.

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