Toy Soldier Review ~ Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

Well I finally got to opening and setting up a little display with the New Barzso building, The Duke’s Stronghold. Let me say, I was a little surprised on how big this tower is. Also I should have know, since it came in two boxes. And as always, this item was packed really well and arrived undamaged. Plus as a nice touch, a personal message on thanking me on the purchase. I never had a problem ordering from Barzso Playsets. Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

This stronghold as pictured above measures about 32 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You can purchase this set as pictured above or in parts, like the Stronghold tower, small tower or the base. 

One day, I will include this tower in mega display that I am going to create. But that will be many years from now, when I retire and move. Right now I am gathering pieces and sets to add. But between the painting and learning how to build other terrain pieces, It will take me time to finish. 

I am glad that Barzso made this set, it is a great stand alone piece or it can be incorporated into their Castle to expand that set.

This tower comes alive when you add some figures to it. Here are some of my Conte, Barzso, Replicants and other figures.


New Products ~ LOD Barzso Medieval Toy Soldiers

I just saw this today, Great news for Medieval Toy Soldier fans. LOD has acquired the rights of Barzso molds for the Robin Hood’s Merry Men and the Sheriff’s Men toy soldiers. These figures can be used as Saxons and Normans. The archers are some of my favorite poses for plastic medieval figures. You can get these sets now for $22.50, for a pack of 16 figures.  To read more follow the link LOD Robin Hood’s Merry Men and the Sheriff’s Men.




The Medieval Toy Soldier Project

Hi again everyone, I am making this post about the Medieval Toy Soldier dioramas that I am working on. I wanted to make this post to help other people out that might be thinking about do the same thing. I am new to dioramas with toy soldiers, I have done things in the past with Playmobil. Working with Playmobil is a little easier. Anyway let me show different things you can get to build up an Medieval world. First there are a few different companies out there that have made plastic medieval figures over the years and I could spent hours just posting pictures and talking about this. But I am only going to talk about what I think are the best figures out there right now that will go with the new W. Britain, First Legion and the older Conte painted metal figures.  In the future I post more about each group that I am using, and today I will give a brief outline.

The first question that I see collectors talk about is Scale!!!! Are these bigger than those??? This can be a little tricky at times, some times you will have a figure that is bigger for some reason that the rest of the line is about the same. Anyway, for the most part the painted metal figures from Conte, W. Britain and First Legion look nice together. First Legion detail is the best in my option, that said it would be a personal choice to included these figures with and other brands. 


As for the plastic figures, Conte I think made some of the best Vikings, Saxons and Normans ever made. Barzso has some nice sculpts too with the Merry Men and Sheriff’s Men. Also I like the old Dulcop figures, I am going to get more of these and most likely convert them. But they fit in nicely with the other plastic figures that I am going to use. I also got lucky the other day of eBay, I picked up some TSSD barbarians that included a Conte Viking that I had missing from my collection. It was the guy swinging an axe over his head. The TSSD figures are large in my option, but I will add a few of these as Vikings or Saxons. I will not get any more of these for this project, most of them don’t really fit and I will have to convert some to make them fit. But an extra pose might make it worth it. And Lastly are the Russian made Pvblivs figures, they are expensive. But they look really nice, so I might be tempted to get some more if they make any new figures in the future. 


Talking about cost, everything these days is expensive!!!!! From unpainted plastic to painted metal figures. If your lucky you can get a set of 14 to 16 Conte Viking or Norman plastic figures on eBay for around $15.00. If you want Conte Saxons, you would be lucky first to find any and I don’t want to even tell you about the cost. The later sets of Conte Vikings and Normans are expensive too. I was lucky enough to pick up a collection Conte Saxons, Vikings and Normans for a fair price. I wish I would have picked these up years ago. Barzso figures are also hard to find and can be expensive too. I like Barzso figures, but some of the Merry Men are a little bulky. I have a few of the Barzso Norman figures. I will try to convert the Barzso figures that I have, maybe add different weapons, shields and helmets to them.


Talking about Barzso, I think the archers that are in the Merry Men set are excellent. They fit in nicely with the Conte figures. Also the Dulcop archer is nice, you just have to twist the head so he is looking at what he is shooting at!!!!!


Talking about changing or converting figures, that’s one thing that I will be working on in the future. Once you have a 2 or 3 figures, depending on the poses there is so much that you can do to make them look different with a painting scheme. So what I will “try” to do next is add some small details to figures. Maybe using some putty to make a beard, add a shield, change the direction of the arms or by adding some other things. The bigger conversions will be cutting up figures to make new poses, or cutting off weapons to have them using a different weapons, or replacing heads or add a different arm. So much to do!!!!!


Now that you have seen some painted metal figures and plastic figures together you can see the difference in scale and detail. In a few weeks, I should have most of these figures that I started painting a few weeks ago finished. I will then post some pictures showing my finished work compared against painted metal figures that were done from the companies. I think they will look good enough to blend in with the Conte and W. Britain figures. The First Legion figures will be tough, they have excellent paint jobs and great details too. 



So here are the last of the comparison pictures of different figures, I will add a few more pictures of stock groups now.

Here are the Conte Vikings, Normans and Saxons. I will list some sets, some of these sets could be different with poses when you find them, but for the most part this is what you will find. I will one day take pictures of the figures that I have and do a separate posts on Conte medieval plastic figures. So sorry in advance with some of these pictures and the amount of detail. Also some of same the Vikings, Saxons and Norman figures are used in different sets as either Vikings, Saxons or Normans. You can mix of some of the figures into different armies for more poses.

Conte Vikings


Conte Normans


Conte Saxons



So here are most of the plastic figures done by Conte, they have to be the best plastic figures out there or one of the best. There are some other poses in rare sets or that came in playsets that Conte has done over the years. Hopefully one day they will be recast by Conte again, so they will be easier to find and cheaper. And if they ever are done again, by as many as you can get. They won’t last long in stock.

Barzso Saxons and Normans. I say this, because basically that what they were. The outlaws of Robin Hood, were mainly Saxons. And the Sheriff’s men were mainly Normans soldiers. 


Here are the Russian made Pvblivs figures that you can get for about $50.00 a set. They are expensive, but they are sculpted really nice. The last two sets are the best in my option.


The last plastic figures that I will use, and will have to convert to use are Dulcop Robin Hood Merry Men and their Normans. They are ok, I like the archer figure. So I will find another set of these to convert with different heads. And will have to convert the others, like the Normans. They need new weapons and shields.


Ok, so what started as a simple post on talking about comparing different figures has grown into this. I will be posting some other articles over the next few months and next year about Viking Longships, my painted figures, and other playset items. The next few months and following year with be exciting for medieval collectors. Hopefully Conte will have new items and recast the older plastic figures, W. Britain talks about creating a Village. Will we see cottages, farmers, or who knows what?? I would like to see something that we can use to set up a village, the last one was by Conte. Too bad I missed that. Maybe somebody will make another Viking Longship? W. Britain and First Legion should be coming out with more figures next year. I think we shall see more Vikings, Saxons and Normans to add to our armies 🙂 




I have to say this before I forget, but if you are not that good at painting and want some nice figures. Then W. Britain is the way to go, they have some great sculpted and painted metal figures that are priced fairly. Plus I think they are going to expand this range with scenic pieces. Also the new poses they are coming out this fall are really nice, they will make a scene pop out. Vikings and Saxons fought a lot in the Shieldwall formation and this is what I am going to try to do in one of the dioramas I am planning. The Britains have a bunch of figures in a shieldwall pose, plus do the Conte Saxons. I will try to do that in the future too, showing the different figures that I will use for this.


And lastly the First Legion Vikings, I wonder what else the will release next year.


So there it is, lol. Sorry that I kept rambling on. I thought I would never finish this post. So if you want just plastic, you can chose from the ones above. There are other brands out there, maybe you have one to add? Also most of the old Marx, Airfix and other brands are to small for me to include or too big for me to include. If you just want painted metal and don’t want to spend to much, go for the W. Britain figures and you can find some of the old Cone figures on eBay for a deal here and there. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for future posts 🙂


#11 Custom Playmobil Norman Knight








Hello again my friends, I have been busy lately finishing one of my goals of creating a Norman Theme. Here is the first step in moving toward that direction. With a combination of customizers and collectors like Cowabounga’s shop and José from Mad on Playmobil none of this would be possible. Especially José, his ideas helped the most. I hope we can help each other with brain storming ideas to create more items to expand the Playmobil world. Thanks again guys 🙂

Here is my first Norman Knight, there is still more to do to improve on this. But I finally think this is the right direction to go. With some tape, glue, material and paint comes this Norman Knight. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. I still have to finish some projects and hopefully in the coming weeks I will.


Hola de nuevo mis amigos, he estado ocupado últimamente terminando uno de mis objetivos de crear un tema de Norman. Aquí es el primer paso en el avance hacia esa dirección. Con una combinación de personalizadores y coleccionistas, como la tienda de Cowabounga y José de Mad sobre Playmobil nada de esto sería posible. Especialmente José, sus ideas ayudó más. Espero que podamos ayudarnos unos a otros con las ideas lluvias de ideas para crear más elementos para expandir el mundo de Playmobil. Gracias chicos 🙂

Aquí está mi primer Norman Knight, todavía hay mucho por hacer para mejorar esto. Pero, finalmente, creo que esta es la dirección correcta a seguir. Con un poco de cinta adhesiva, pegamento, material y pintura llega este caballero normando. Espero que les guste y gracias por leer. Todavía tengo que terminar algunos proyectos y esperamos que en las próximas semanas, lo haré.


Hallo wieder meine Freunde, ich habe viel zu tun in letzter Zeit eines meiner Ziele Fertigstellung eines Norman Thema zu schaffen. Hier ist der erste Schritt in Richtung dieser Richtung bewegt. Mit einer Kombination aus Customizer und Sammler wie Cowabounga Geschäft und José von Mad auf PLAYMOBIL® nichts davon wäre möglich. Vor allem half José, seine Ideen am meisten. Ich hoffe, dass wir einander mit Brain-Storming Ideen helfen können, mehr Elemente zu erstellen, die PLAYMOBIL® Welt zu erweitern. Nochmals vielen Dank Jungs 🙂

Hier ist mein erster Norman Ritter, gibt es noch mehr zu tun, dies zu verbessern. Aber ich glaube, schließlich ist dies die richtige Richtung zu gehen. Mit etwas Klebeband, Leim, Material und Farbe kommt diese Norman Ritter. Hoffnung, die Sie genießen und Dank für das Lesen. Ich habe immer noch einige Projekte beenden und hoffentlich in den nächsten Wochen werde ich.


Bonjour à nouveau mes amis, je me suis occupé ces derniers temps la finition un de mes objectifs de la création d’un thème Norman. Voici la première étape dans le déplacement vers cette direction. Avec une combinaison de customizers et collectionneurs comme la boutique et José de Cowabounga de Mad sur Playmobil rien de tout cela ne serait possible. Surtout José, ses idées le plus aidé. J’espère que nous pouvons nous aider mutuellement avec brainstorming des idées pour créer plus d’articles pour élargir le monde Playmobil. Merci encore les gars 🙂

Voici mon premier chevalier normand, il y a encore beaucoup à faire pour améliorer cela. Mais je pense que finalement cela est la bonne direction à suivre. Avec un peu de ruban adhésif, colle, matériel et peinture vient ce chevalier normand. Espérons que vous apprécierez et merci pour la lecture. Je dois encore terminer certains projets et nous espérons que dans les semaines à venir, je vais.


Γεια σας και πάλι φίλοι μου, έχω απασχολημένος τελευταία φινίρισμα ένας από τους στόχους μου για τη δημιουργία ενός θέματος Norman. Εδώ είναι το πρώτο βήμα στην πορεία προς αυτή την κατεύθυνση. Με ένα συνδυασμό των εργαλείων προσαρμογής και συλλέκτες, όπως το κατάστημα και ο José Cowabounga από Mad στις Playmobil τίποτα από αυτά δεν θα ήταν δυνατό. Ειδικά Χοσέ, τις ιδέες του βοήθησε περισσότερο. Ελπίζω ότι μπορούμε να βοηθήσουμε ο ένας τον άλλο με ιδέες brain storming να δημιουργήσει περισσότερα στοιχεία για να επεκτείνει τον κόσμο Playmobil. Ευχαριστώ και πάλι παιδιά 🙂

Εδώ είναι η πρώτη μου Norman Knight, υπάρχει ακόμα περισσότερο να κάνει για να βελτιωθεί σε αυτό. Αλλά νομίζω τελικά ότι αυτή είναι η σωστή κατεύθυνση για να πάει. Με κάποια ταινία, κόλλα, το υλικό και το χρώμα έρχεται αυτό το Norman Ιππότης. Ελπίζουμε να απολαύσετε και τις ευχαριστίες για την ανάγνωση. Έχω ακόμα να τελειώσω κάποια έργα και ελπίζουμε ότι μέσα στις επόμενες εβδομάδες θα το κάνω.